Space-Saving UrbanDesk by Graham Phakos

Living in a tiny apartment just became a little bit easier. In fact, you can thank 28-year-old self-titled “maker” Graham Phakos for solving all your small apartment problems. Well, not all of them – but now, with UrbanDesk, you can combine your bed and your workspace without falling asleep at your laptop and spilling coffee on your sheets. As Phakos puts it:

Without a dedicated work space, the prospect of hauling materials to the kitchen table everyday makes working at home far less appealing. Whether you are a student, an artist, or a telecommuter, having a permanent desk is hugely beneficial.

His UrbanDesk is the perfect fix – a double bed frame that folds up to reveal a full-sized desk underneath that flips up for use in “desk mode,” as well as hidden storage space.  The best part about the UrbanDesk is that there’s enough space to accommodate most of your desk items, like papers, pens, folders, and a laptop (though a desktop computer probably wouldn’t fit) even while it is in “bed mode,” ensuring you don’t have to find a separate place to store all your things while you sleep.

The UrbanDesk is a project on Kickstarter – meaning you can’t buy it quite yet, but if you’re interested, you can score yourself one of these awesome storage-friendly bed/desk combinations, or the plans and materials to build your own, depending on how much you’d like to pledge. See more pictures below, and check out the UrbanDesk and information on pledging here.

What do you think of this space-saving UrbanDesk by Graham Phakos?
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