This was our very first time spending the holidays in NYC. Having spent our last four years studying at NYU, we had always used the opportunity to go home to Southern California for the holidays. But this year was different – it was the very first year we weren’t a college student, so we splurged and had our older sister spend the holidays with us as a birthday/Christmas present. Here’s a small documentation, in photos, of how we spent the holidays with her!

We decorated the office Christmas tree.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
That’s our office mascot!

We also received far too many tasty gifts wrapped ever so nicely.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
There is still more Godiva chocolate than our sweet tooth can handle.

We went to an office holiday party down in SoHo, where we used to work.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
Our very merry ex-boss felt compelled to buy this toy from some convention he was at.

We got to munch on cute treats.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
They were delicious, too!

And somehow won the prized Secret Santa gift at our offices “Cut-Throat Christmas.”

Spending the Holidays in NYC
We got glared at for grabbing this hard cover novel.

We took our sister to see her first show in NYC.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
The always amazing STOMP!

And spent Christmas Eve fighting the crowd to see the tree.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
We would have gotten a better shot if the lines weren’t wrapped around every building. Sigh.

We strolled around the Rockefeller Center area.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
Gigantic ornaments!

And took what pictures we could, considering the biting cold.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
Our favorite shot of the bunch.

And were forced to go under cover when it began to snow.

Spending the Holidays in NYC
We (sorta) got a white Christmas!

A relatively quiet holiday spent in the city! If you want more awesome behind-the-scenes pictures from Redesign Revolution, go ahead and follow us on Instagram.

Did anyone else spend the holidays in NYC?


    • Hi Mary! Wow, I feel like a fool now that I didn’t think to post that picture. I might edit a really bad shot I took of the line at the Rockefeller Center to roller skate. I’ll keep you posted if I decide to post it up!


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