Sperry Top-Sider Geneva Watches

We’re pretty big believers that Sperry Top-Siders are great shoes for when you are in a boat. We’d rather not see people wearing the brand on dry land. We are, however, pretty happy with what the Sperry company has put together with the folks at Geneva Watches. The two iconic brands have a pretty impressive new line launching in Spring 2013. There’s a high concept at work, too. Specifically, Sperry approached Geneva (who’s worked with brands like Kenneth Cole and Speedo) to capture the “Passion for the Sea” that’s been part of the Top-Sider marketing.

One-Hand Watch

Two of the designs strike us as particularly brilliant. We’ll start with the design right below, which takes a classic business design and adds a slacker angle worthy of any boating beatnik. It’s called the One-Hand Watch, but not because you can put it on while only using one hand. (That’d be a neat trick, though.) What the One-Hand Watch really offers is that it only has an hour hand. Yes, there’s a hand that counts the second, but there’s no minute hand, and do you know why? Because people on the water don’t care about time! They’re cool with being within ten minutes of being on time, and you can figure that out well enough from the hour hand. We’re not sure what kind of statement you’d be making if you wore this in a business meeting. We just know it’d be a powerful one.

Sperry Top-Sider Geneva Watches

Sperry Top-Spider Critter Collection

Sperry Top-Sider Geneva Watches


The watch above is part of the Sperry Top-Sider “Critter Collection.” It’s cool if you don’t like crabs, though. You can also choose a watch face with a sea horse, a lobster, or a starfish. The neatest thing about this watch is still the band. Maybe you wouldn’t want to wear denim casual around your wrist during a business meeting–but the watch band is actually leather. That’s very cool. You get the casual look of canvas with the authority of leather if somebody dares to question your watchband. It’s like these watches are just out to mess with everybody’s minds. Which is what we’d expect from a powerful executive or a boating bum, so nobody can say Sperry and Geneva didn’t really nail their marketing vision.

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