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This post has been sponsored by Krylon®, but concerns our own opinion.

Any artist, crafter and avid-DIYer knows Krylon spray paint is a go-to when it comes to transforming objects from ordinary to extraordinary.

But if you needed further proof, Krylon sponsored a a 690 miles road trip (AKA the entire length of Route 127), to create the world’s longest yard sale, changing run-of-the-mill finds into must-have home pieces.

Throughout six states, designer Amy Devers and her crew found items that were in much need of some TLC, and turned them into bright and vibrant treasures. Just take a look at these gorgeous metal candlesticks, that were a bit run down, but now are the perfect accessory for any living room, den or bedroom!bf8354ef3063be3dc384c8b9e30cb9d6

Or what about this one-time ordinary metal chair? Devers completely transformed it into a fun, vibrant piece that would work perfect in any space… especially a home office that is in need of a pop of color.

krylon yard sale

The best part about the journey is that many of the pieces from the trip are available for purchase thanks to the world’s first ever Pinterest Yard Sale. (If you’re interested, act fast, because they are selling quickly!)

That’s right, you can purchase that tennis racket, metal chair and a bunch of other amazing home goods right on a Pinterest page. Many of the items are all super affordable, and all contribute to Charity Wings Art & Craft Center, an incredible charity that promotes healing with art. So, you definitely don’t have to feel guilty about your purchases!

Head over to the Krylon 127 Yard Sale page for more information, and be sure to check out the Pinterest Yard Sale!



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