You’ve probably noticed this by now, but Christmas only comes once a year. That’s probably a good thing, considering all of the planning  that goes into it. Cooking, cleaning, and playing the host/hostess. It gets rough.

On the other hand–Christmas only comes once a year! Sure it’s a pain, but it’s also special and lots of fun. You should be enjoying the spirit of the season, not stressing over your gift list, right? Right!

In an effort to make your job a little easier, we have made a list of stocking stuffers for everyone you know, so you can do less shopping, and get back to building gingerbread houses and kissing under the mistletoe.

Crystal Air Plant Planter, $14 FalconandFinch

stocking stuffers via etsyAir plants are rapidly growing in popularity, and it has a lot to do with the fact that they are so easy to grow. Even if everything you touch dies, air plants will be there to give the illusion that you actually have a green thumb. And when you stick an air plant in one of these gorgeous crystal planters? It creates quite a statement. Anybody would love to have one of these.

Infinity Arrow Temporary Tattoo, $4 happytatts

stocking stuffers via etsyWe’ve told you about our love for temporary tattoos in the past, but we’d like to restate it now. Temporary tattoos are just plain fun, which is why they are perfect for stocking stuffers.

Geometric Bottle Opener, $24 AdrianMartinus

stocking stuffers via etsyFor the beer expert in your life, we’d like to hint at this geometric bottle opener. It opens bottles. Also, it looks really sophisticated, what with the geometric design.

Camera Ornament, $20 theDuoStudio

stocking stuffers via etsyFor that photographer friend you have–the one you couldn’t identify in a line up because they always have their face hidden behind a camera–check out this lovely silver ornament. It embodies their hobby, and fits in a stocking.

Mini Desk Calendar, $6+ FavoriteStory

stocking stuffers via etsyCalendars are a pretty standard stocking stuffer, and why not? They’re super handy. But we especially like this one because it’s a little different. This mini desk calendar doesn’t take up much room, but it gets the job done. Anyone with a desk would love to find this in their stocking.

Customized Tribal Print Coffee Mug, $12.99 TGTLdecals

stocking stuffers via etsyFifty-two percent of American adults drink coffee. And we don’t know the exact stats, but we’re almost certain that one-hundred percent of that fifty-two percent are adults with names. With this information in mind, we conclude that this personalized coffee cup is a suitable gift for friends and family.

Cosmetic Bag, $26 JannysGirl

stocking stuffers via etsyEvery makeup wearer needs a cosmetic bags to keep their supplies together. We’re big fans of these pretty botanical bags, that are perfectly suited for stocking stuffing.

Hand Stamped Spoon, $16 ForSuchATimeDesigns

stocking stuffers via etsyIf you’re at a loss as to what to get that one person you know, remember that everybody has to eat. So there’s no reason why they won’t love this hand stamped spoon. In fact, you might want to get one for yourself.

Constellation Flashlight, $15 PurdueAvenue

stocking stuffers via etsyThis flashlight is a great stocking stuffer for the aspiring astronomer, or anybody else who has fallen in love with the stars. It’s a great help when it comes to learning the constellations, so you know what’s what up in the night sky.

Travel Journal and Pencil Set, $8+ HappyDayBits

stocking stuffers via etsyEverybody has that traveler friend who doesn’t like to stay in the same place for too long. For that friend, we recommend you give them one of these handy and adorable travel journals, so they can jot down everything they experience and discover during their trek around the world.

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Which of these stocking stuffers would you like to receive?


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