sugru glue Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to discard a perfectly good, functioning gadget around your home because of a slight fray or superficial flaw. Innovator Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh invented the world’s first moldable glue called Sugru for exactly this problem. The sustainable glue, which transforms from glue to rubber to create a strong, flexible adhesive overnight, sticks to almost anything and is handy for an assortment of home improvement projects.

sugru glue Since it can securely bond to just about any material, including aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, and even most plastics and rubbers, using Sugru to repair gadgets, appliances, toys, and more in addition to attempting a host of DIY projects is easy. It’s durable properties keeps it in place anywhere from the freezer to a hot shower or from the garden to other outdoor adventures.

sugru glue

sugru glue Sugru, which is derived from the Irish word for “play,” was recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the “50 Best Inventions of 2010” and has been dubbed the “21st century duct tape” by Forbes. It took six years and over 5,000 experiments to invent before it was first sold in 2010. Now available for fixer-uppers in 160 countries, the no. 22 listing in TIME Magazine’s “Top 50 Inventions in the World” in 2010 (iPad was no. 34) has thousands of different uses.

sugru glue The creators of Sugru want to empower anyone to become a “domestic ninja.” For a little inspiration, they have curated an ideas section for average folks wanting to solve everyday problems around the house themselves and create less waste in the world. You’ll find a range of summertime DIY projects, such as ingenious ways to trick out your bike or BBQ grill, in addition to clever little home improvement hacks or simple solutions to make everyday life easier.

sugru glue sugru glue Photos courtesy of Sugru

The London-based company now ships from Michigan throughout the U.S. and can be found at major chains like Target, Lowe’s, The Container Store, Meijer, Fry’s Electronics, and Orchard Supply Hardware. Available in 10 different colors, which can also be blended to make your preferred color, Sugru retails for $12 for a regular 3-pack, but extreme “domestic ninjas” can also take advantage of the 15% discount on an 8-pack.

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What projects would you use Sugru glue for?


  1. This is very handy stuff. But (contrary to the top two images) I really would recommend using latex or nitrile gloves when handling this stuff. I’m not suggesting that it’s harmful but it does tend to leave a weird residue on your skin that is a challenge to wash off.


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