sun bird park tres birds workshop 1

sun bird park tres birds workshop 1

When you think of Vail, Colorado you probably think of winter sports and nature-filled outdoor adventures.

Keeping in theme with this ideal, kids of the are now have a custom playground that is as cool  to look at as it is fun to play in. Sun Bird Park is an “urban jungle gym” designed by Denver-based Tres Birds Workshop featuring three giant “birds’ nests”. These cocoon-like structures are connected with bridges and slides creating a playful network of natural structures to be enjoyed by all.

sun bird park tres birds workshop 2

It is clear from the design and images that these wooden “nests” were greatly inspired by bird habitats and colorado’s love of sports and outdoor activities. The playground even features a climbing  wall!

Additionally, while the structures may seem more complicated to navigate, Sun Bird Park was designed as an equal-access park, meaning that children with disabilities and adaptive skills can freely enjoy the space as well.

This is isn’t the only park project occurring in the area, however. This is only one of the projects as part of the city’s artist-commissioned parks program that already has a pirate ship jungle gym and playground with giant steel statues under their belt.

sun bird park tres birds workshop 3

All images via Tres Birds Workshop

Take a look at more from Tres Birds Workshop on their Website, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

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