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tzukuri sunglasses

Losing an expensive pair of sunglasses can be maddening. That’s why Australian company Tzukuri, known for their beautiful wearable technology, embedded a chip and a solar cell in every pair of their glasses to communicate with your iPhone in case you accidentally leave them behind. The handmade, solar-powered, battery efficient Tzukuri sunglasses will soon be available in six styles and three different colors…and they will never get lost.

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tzukuri sunglasses

Tzukuri licenses the iBeacon technology from Apple to make it compatible with the iPhone and uses Bluetooth Low Energy, a new technology that draws very little power, to communicate between the sunglasses chip and your phone. This makes it very energy efficient so the integrated solar cell can keep your pair charged without you ever worrying. It also means you don’t need WiFi or a data signal to remain connected with your beloved sunglasses.

tzukuri sunglasses


The app works in two ways to easily find your lost sunglasses. For example, if you misplace your Tzukuri glasses at home, you can track the distance to the nearest foot. Alternatively, in wide-open spaces, the app will save the last location you had your glasses and show you on a map.

Walk more than 16 feet away from your sunglasses and the app will send you an alert. It also cleverly turns off alerts when you’re at home or at work, so it can alert you only when you really need it. Best of all, you don’t even need the app running in the background to use Tzukuri. When you can’t find your sunglasses, just turn on the app to find their whereabouts.

tzukuri sunglasses

Handcrafted in Japan, Tzukuri sunglasses will soon be available in six different styles and three colors and all feature polarized, anti-scratch lenses with 100% UV protection. Preorder your Tzukuri sunglasses for just $249, which will be shipping in the fall of 2014.

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(Photos via Tzukuri; h/t Ecouterre)

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