10 Temporary Tattoos That Are Wearable Works of Art

Tattoos are a major commitment. Perhaps not like a marriage commitment, but still, it’s something you definitely have to think about before jumping into – even if they do look uber cool. After all, permanent tattoos come at a price. Depending the intricacy of the artwork involved, tattoos can be pretty darn expensive.

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So if you’re unsure about getting one, or you just don’t want to fork over that ind of money just yet, check out these fantastically beautiful temporary tattoos from the artists on Etsy!

Star and Flower Tattoo, $4.99 nicecoco

temporary tattoo etsyThese stars and flowers create a whimsical combination, and are super cute. The perfect tattoo for the free spirit.

Dinosaur Tattoo, $8.02 HannahStevensShop

temporary tattoo etsyEverybody loves dinosaurs! Sport a couple of these puppies, and you’ll be an adorableasaurus.

Geometric Heart, $5.06+ TTTattoodotcom

temporary tattoo etsyThis is your heart on polygons. Any questions?

Wanderlust Tattoo, $11 happytatts

temporary tattoo etsyGot wanderlust? Then you need this tattoo. Why? It’s a map of everywhere you want to go (everywhere).

Watercolor Skull and Flowers, $1.69+ WildLifeDream

temporary tattoo etsyAnybody who has ever said that skulls are scary or morbid has clearly never seen this tattoo. Heck, this skull is downright elegant!

Bunny Rabbit, $3 SymbolicImports

temporary tattoo etsyMaybe the rabbit is your zodiac sign. Maybe bunnies are your favorite animals. Maybe you just want this tattoo because it’s cute and you have a soul.

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Vintage Floral Tattoo, $12 Tattoorary

temporary tattoo etsyIf you wear this vintage flower tattoo, not only will you look super awesome, but you also won’t have to worry about bees.

X O Wrist Tattoo, $5 pepperink

temporary tattoo etsySimple. Minimalistic. This Hugs and Kisses set of temporary tattoos is adorably elegant. We would probably share this with out S.O. or BFF.

Anchor and Roses Tattoo, $1+ TabooTattoo

temporary tattoo etsyThis flowery take on the traditional anchor tattoo is too dainty and pretty for words. Put it on your shoulder and show it off to all of your tough sailor friends.

Believe Waterproof Tattoo, $3.13 JRIsolution

temporary tattoo etsyIf you’re a sucker for the inspirational tattoo, this one’s for you. It’s pretty and artistic, and it fits on your finger. What more could you ask for?

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