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It seems as though the old tried-and-true method of written communication is getting a makeover these days with greeting card and stationery brands & companies popping up left and right – but we are not complaining! Snail mail is making a comeback via the talented artists and designers creating clever and quirky sayings, which is typically coupled with beautiful hand lettering and illustration. Not only do these designers handle cards and notepads, but many tackle all things paper from coasters to wedding invitations! Here are the top stationery companies you need to keep on your radar for the next time you decide you’re feeling nostalgic, want to break out your fountain pen and lick that seal.

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1. Rifle Paper Co. 

garance dore rifle paper co

Rifle Paper Co. is at the forefront of the paper designing revolution. If not, it’s actually the reason for it. Inspired by vintage art and travel, Rifle’s signature flowers are everywhere on the Internet, and there is hardly a college girl out there without one of their Botanical Notebooks in tow. Founder and creative director Anna Bond is at the top of her game and we are certain that for this company, the best is indeed yet to come.

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