The Walking Dead fans have experienced a roller coaster of emotions since 2010 when the show first aired on AMC. Each February and October, when the new season/mid-season begins we all go through such a mix between excitement and nervousness that we just can’t control our child-like screams as the opening credit music makes it’s way into your ears.

But tell me, my fellow fans, have you ever experienced anything like The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere last night? 

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In order to recover from our Walking Dead hangover, and get through this week while we anticipate the next episode that will air on Sunday, October 19th, let’s go through the emotions we all felt during the intense premiere, together, as a team.

First we saw everyone in the train car working on weapons and plotting their escape, and we were immediately reminded of how bad ass Rick and his group are:

the walking dead hell yeah

But…. they got blindsided by a smoke bomb from above. Then Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob were rounded up and taken to the bloodletting and dismembering room where they wait to die. We were like:

the walking dead wait what

The other men, who we didn’t know, in this scene were the first to get their skulls caved in with a bat and their throats slit, dying and bleeding out into the trough in front of them. We all tried really hard not to vomit or faint.

the walking dead gagging

But as always, Rick managed to get them out of a tough situation, with some help from Carol (YOU GO GIRL!). The team battled through an explosion, a heard of walkers and escaped, unharmed and together. Rick never lets us down!

the walking dead hallelujah

Then there was that beautiful, SAD moment when Daryl noticed Carol and he ran to her, embracing her with the most loving hug and eyes full of tears. OMG we just could not handle it.

the walking dead crying

What really had us on our toes was when Rick saw Carol. We weren’t sure what his reaction would be (being that he shunned her and all), then he realized she caused the explosion to save them and he embraced her with love – we suddenly knew she was welcomed back into his group. OH, RICK!

the walking dead excitment

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After Carol reunited with her clan, she took Rick and Carl to see their sweet little Judith, and Tyrese and Sasha were also reunited. Awwwww, finally.

the walking dead awww

As everyone was reuniting, Sgt. Ford and Rosita were alone when Sgt. Ford said to her “We’ll tell them eventually.” Of course, because Rick taught us very early on that you can’t trust anyone anymore, we now have our eyes on those two. What are they up to?

the walking dead i'm watching you

The scene later flashed between the “then” and the “now” of Terminus and it seemed it’s original intention was for it to truly be a safe haven for all who arrive.  However when a group of unknown characters arrived and took over; it became a place of abuse, rape and murder. Um, who are those people? Confusion.

the walking dead confused

Previews for next weeks episode were shown and we all watched with huge eyes of excitement… then it got even better. Morgan re-entered the show, in a scene alone in the woods. He hasn’t been seen since Season 3 and as we all gasped with surprise!  Who else is anticipating his reunion with Rick?

the walking dead gasp

Well done, Walking Dead clan, well done.

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How many of these emotions gave you the feels during last nights episode? We can’t wait for next Sunday.


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