Three Canadian Casinos that Give Vegas a Run for its Money

Although Canada has something of a reputation as America’s more mild-mannered cousin, it is perhaps only by comparison that the Canuks have come to be seen this way. After all, both are countries with beautiful natural scenery, a hardy population of make-doers, and a love of national sports that err just on the safe side of gladiatorial combat. So in some sense, it should in fact come as no surprise at all that some of the US’s more opulent design habits are, contrary to intuition, mirrored just so across their Northern border.

Yes, Canada’s casino culture is alive and kicking, and the architecture is a far cry from the quaint and snow-topped cottages that one might associate with a country that, after all, falls into the top ten for projected GDP. Without further ado, let’s look at three of Canada’s most Vegas-snubbing casino houses, and sort the highrollers from the wise guys.

The Niagra Fallsview Casino

Niagra Fallsview Casino
Niagra fallsview Casino

Source: Faizan Faizi via Facebook

A blending of modern pomp with more traditional, belle epoch features, the Fallsview building recalls Canada’s historical ties with continental Europe. At 200,000 sq.ft., it’s also one of the world’s largest gaming floors, boasting a staggering 3000 slot machines, 150 gaming tables, and a 30-storey hotel.

In 2005, the project won the Best Architectural Design Award for a Casino / Resort over $250, making it anything but provincial.

And if you’re looking for evidence of national interest in casino gaming, you can find it here: a website reviewing the very best of Canadian online casinos, including easy payment via Canadian banks, French-and-English-speaking support teams, and a host of other quintessentially ‘nuck services.

The Casino de Montreal

The Casino de Montreal
The Casino de Montreal

Source:Casino De Montreal via Facebook

This casino’s recent redesign is evident in some of its interiors, which are almost Kubrickian in their use of non-linear vectors, reflective surfaces, and hyperdetailed patterns.

The effect is something that goes beyond sleek chic, and into the territory of science fiction. The very walls seem to pulse with technological arcana, and one would be forgiven for thinking, lost in the Casino de Montreal, that whole building was in fact a device for transporting unsuspecting revelers into the distant future – a trend that’s actually proving popular elsewhere in architectural design.

The River Rock Casino

The River Rocks Casino

Source: the River Rock Casino Resort via Facebook

Loosely themed on a Rocky Mountain lodge, the River Rock Casino’s exterior is a pleasingly modular assortment of timber-style woods and traditional brickwork. The interiors are warmly colored, and contain just the right mixture of sloppy-effect and rustic furnishings to hit that perfect, cosy-but-grand note: roasting marsh mellows above a Gothic fireplace.

But whether it’s the aesthetic virtues of Canadian architecture or the dance with lady luck, there’s something on offer for everyone in this great country, both online and in “real life” as you can see on this site. Boasting a dedicated roster of Canadian players, Canada Casino offers reviews from those who share their users’ passion, and start new players off with a healthy bonus.

This just goes to show that even while playing host to some of the most magnificent, high-roller-courting casinos on the planet, Canadians cannot seem to shed their national habit for good manners and friendliness.


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