DIY Thursday: Thrift Store Upgrades

Thrift stores and flea markets are full of neat old stuff. And usually that stuff is inexpensive and full of potential. If you need some tutorials to get the creative juices flowing, and to help you figure out how to upcycle those thrift store finds, these tutorials will get you started!

Painted Silverware via AlyssaAndCarla

thrift store upgradeYou can’t change the pattern on that silverware you bought from the thrift store, but you can change the color! Follow the link above to find out how.


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Upcycled Bread in via Lulastic

thrift store upgradeThis tutorial shows you how to transform ordinary bread bins into functional, quite pretty shelves. If you live in a small space, this is a great tutorial for you that will provide additional storage.

Spray Paint Ceramics via SincerelySaraD

thrift store upgradeThose thrift store ceramics are always so awful. Give them new life with a simple paint job!

Frame Collage on Chalkboard Wall via HoneyImHome

thrift store upgradeFlea markets and thrift stores often have loads of picture frames. We suggest using some to create this fabulous frame collage on a chalkboard wall.

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Oil Drum Cabinet via TrendHunter

thrift store upgradeThis upcycled oil barrel has a decidedly industrial feel about it. It’s great for providing additional storage, and it looks cool too!

Upcycled Globes via JustImagine

thrift store upgradeTurn an old globe into a world of your own! This personalized globe has been hand painted, and sports an inspiring quote from Shakespeare.

Tea Cup Wine Glasses via ApartmentTherapy

thrift store upgradeJust because you’re not a tea-drinker doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a pretty little tea cup. This epic tutorial shows you how to turn those dainty china cups into wine glasses.

Fruit Bowl Lamp via ByWilma

thrift store upgradeEvery flea market is riddled with dated lamps with ugly shades. This tutorial shows you how to shake things up, and turn that awful fixture into something fun!

Armoire Turned Pantry via HelpfulKitchenTips

thrift store upgradeIf you live in a tiny apartment, you may not have the luxury of a pantry. No problem! You can easily turn that thrift store armoire into a food storage cabinet.

Repurposed Drawers via BHG

thrift store upgradeIf that old dresser you bought is beyond repair, don’t throw it all out just yet. Put those old drawers to good use by using them as under-the-bed storage.

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What do you think of the thrift store upgrades? Do you have any tricks of your own?

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