3 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Sofa

When it comes to a focal point in the living room, it’s all about your sofa. Choosing a certain type of sofa will not only change the design of your space, but also how you actually function in your living room. In order to pick the perfect couch for you, interior designer Tiffany Brooks has some great tips.

Before you go to the store or order online, you need to find out what size you want your couch to be. Consider the width, height and length. Do you want a high sofa or a low one? Do you want a small one or large one? Many things to consider when it comes to size…


You’ll also want to know about the style. If you have a family, you may want to opt for a sectional, so more people can sit and lounge. However, if you’re entertainer, you could go for a classy tufted style.

Finally, you’re going to want to know your fabrics. Again, if you have a family, keep in mind that you’ll need a fabric that can handle pets, spills, and other everyday messes.

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