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dh studio tilonia charityInspired by sustainable development programs in Tilonia, a small village in India, female artisans have produced a new collection of bags and scarves. Because of a partnership between US-based Friends of Tilonia and Barefoot College, a portion of the profits from every bag sold will go directly back to the programs that inspired them, such as rainwater harvesting, education, or solar power systems.

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dh studio tilonia charityDesigned by DH Studio, each product block print represents a different development program already established in the village, such as the Tilonia Solar Bag and Tilonia Solar Scarf. The Brooklyn-based studio partnered with Tilonia and other artisan enterprises to create contemporary, modern product lines routed in craft traditions. The solar bag, which has tons of pockets for your weekend getaway, is inspired by the solar panels used to generate solar power. Installing solar powered lighting systems reduces the use of kerosene and other fossil fuels, improving a family’s health and reducing environmental damage. Women trained by the Barefoot College install and maintain these solar systems.

dh studio tilonia charityOther bags and scarves help sustain other programs in Tilonia, such as education and rainwater harvesting systems. The Tilonia Education Bag and natural cotton Tilonia Education Scarf is inspired by the books that girls can now read. More than 60% of children in rural India work during the day tending goats, fetching water or collecting firewood. Night Schools run by the Barefoot College educate these children, most of whom are girls, when their workday is over.

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dh studio tilonia charityPhotos via Tilonia

Poor rural children also have to fetch water for daily household needs. By collecting rainwater falling on rooftops of schools and storing in underground tanks, clean water for daily needs is available to the community. The Barefoot College helps communities construct these rainwater harvesting systems. Purchasing the Tilonia Rainwater Bag or Tilonia Rainwater Scarf, inspired by collected raindrops, will help provide clean drinking water in rural India, especially at schools.

$10 from every sale helps women trained by the Barefoot College to solar electrify their own rural communities in more than 60 countries around the world, supports girls’ education and the night schools run for rural working children, and continued construction of rainwater harvesting systems to provide clean drinking water to rural communities in India. That’s eco-fashion we can get behind!

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