It’s Fourth Of July Weekend and I don’t know about you, but I am fully in vacation mood. I need not be disturbed.

Will I be busy? Chances are no. Maybe some grilling here and there, a lot of lounging, and probably a whole lot of wine sipping. If you’re hosting a party, we hope you’ve seen our party setting feature and try to take a few breaths before the preparations begin.

If you’re just taking it easy as we are, then take a few moments out of your day off to look at this tiny BBQ party put together by YouTube channel Hello Denizen for their hamster and adorable friends. Aptly named “Tiny Hamsters’ Tiny BBQ”, they get the full patriotic experience. Complete with red, white and blue party decorations, plates and even teeny tiny hats, this is a table am starting to wish I could be invited to.

Not only is the party seemingly expertly decorated, but there are also adorable, miniature kebabs and corn on the cob treats for these small furry creatures. Take a look at the video and take it easy. You deserve some R&R!


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What do you think of thisTiny Hamster’s Tiny BBQ celebration?


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