Reminisce on a Beautiful Summer from Above

Aerial Summer Photography 15

Well everyone, August is among us and we almost cannot believe it. Where has our (northern hemisphere) summer gone? Labor Day is almost among us – or maybe that is wishful thinking – and we are already reminiscing on the blissful summer days we have spent lounging on the beach. The weekends have been spent soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible and trying to get out of our respective cities and into the country or beach-side.


While we’ve done the best we can do to get to the beach, however, who can deny that a Hamptons weekend pales in comparison to a Melbourne, Australia summer. The blissful white sand beaches and clear aqua blue oceans are simply calling our name.

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Luckily for us, we have photographer, Tom Blachford, to thank for catching us up on what has been going on, on the other side of the world. Even though we would love nothing more than to take a quick trip to the “Land Down Under” and partake in all the warm-weather activities, we’ll have to stay put and enjoy this series instead.

We don’t mind, these serene beach scenes taken from aerial views are almost hypnotic. Geometrical shapes and patterns set against the rippling ocean waters is enough to give us goose bumps. The people are barely noticeable and ant-like from a distance, making the natural surroundings the focal point of this photography series. We don’t mind at all, the sunny atmosphere in these images is enough to make us kick back and lather ourselves up with some good ol’ sunscreen.

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I guess we know where we’ll be headed on our next vacation.

For more of Tom Blachford’s work, take a look at his Website | Behance | FacebookInstagramHe has some amazing travel photos that are bound to inspire you for your next trip.

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All images via behance

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What kind of images remind you of summer?

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