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Tomorrow Machine, a Swedish design studio based in Stockholm and Paris, specializes in packaging, product, and food concepts – all of which are incredibly relevant today due to the growing population and increasing prices of land, real estate, and local food or farming. Understanding the growing need for self-sufficiency, Tomorrow Machine partnered up with Berlin-based indoor farming start up INFARM to develop an indoor growing kit so anyone can have the ability to grow their own micro garden (and greens) at home. Not only is this the trendy thing or economical thing to do, but also one of the most environmentally friendly.

The microgarden kit contains a reusable and renewable sheet of plastic which folds onto itself perfectly to create a self-contained greenhouse, perfect for growing your very own microgreens.

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As you can see above, the structure creates the perfect, miniaturized space to grow a tiny garden. The contraption uses transparent seaweed based agar-agar gel to afford plant life and growth. Not only this, but Tomorrow Machine/INFARM also keeps in mind the hectic lifestyle of urban dwellers who are interested in the upkeep of planting/gardening but do not necessarily have the “follow through” per se. The roots of your greens absorb the agar agar gel’s moisture to make for zero-upkeep. We’re sold!

Of the project, the design firm says,

“Our vision is that the Microgarden makes indoor farming available and easy for everyone. Where you can have delicious greens without pesticides or long transportation, by growing it in your own home, it does not get more local and organic than that.”

While the idea is more than amazing, however, it is not quite a reality yet. Funding the production of the kits will be done by INFARM running from May 3 – June 13, 2014. For details, click here.

For more info visit INFARM’s Website | Facebook .

tomorrow machine microgarden 1

tomorrow machine microgarden 1

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tomorrow machine microgarden 4

tomorrow machine microgarden 4

All images via Tomorrow Machine

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