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My friend had sent me over a link to the Pocket Princesses, and in my fit of laughter as I scrolled through her cartoons, I decided to make this post on my top 10 Disney Princess artist recreations. Check them out below!

1. Child Disney Princesses

moonchildinthesky, from Argentina, decided to recreate the Disney princesses as children and turned their animal partners into plushies they would embrace. My favorite in the set is definitely Meg, who got Hades as a plushie and is baffled by the notion of even owning such a hideous creature. She’s had a bunch of recent additions as well, such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Pocahontas.

child disney princesses


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  1. I love the real-life creations… it brings the characters a whole new depth. It is also brings a much higher elegance and level of mature beauty to these timeless characters. Much better than the women looking ridiculous in Disney costumes walking around the theme park.

    • Oh, they will be in a whole new roundup. We’ve found 10 more amazing Disney Princess renditions in the year since this was published!!


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