Breaking Bad Color Caricatures by aerettberg

Half of the  world burst into tears when Breaking Bad aired its highly anticipated series finale last night. The other half – well, that half warned the world of dire consequences if anyone with cable unleashed any spoilers of the final episode before they, the internet watchers, got a chance to see it. (We’re not counting the non-believers non-watchers in this population poll.) We thought that it was high time we did our own tribute to the amazing, award-winning, AMC television series.

Since the critically acclaimed crime drama first aired in January of 2008, the world was hooked. In 2013, the Writers Guild of America named the show one of the best-written TV series of all time. This year, it even earned its own Guinness World Record as the highest-rated TV series of all time, with a Metacritic score of 99/100. Among the many that were hooked on the show were dozens upon dozens of creatives who were inspired by the characters and cast to create their own artist tributes to Breaking Bad. We selected our favorite 10, ranked in no particular order. Check it out before you binge watch the show from start to finish (yet again)!

The Badasses of Breaking Bad – Cast Illustration by Kareem Gouda

Breaking Bad Cast Line Art by  Kareem Gouda

Kareem Gouda created line art character designs of the true badasses of the show, using shading techniques to really bring out the most recognizable character features.

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Character Line Art by Damian Allende

Breaking Bad Character Design Line Art by Damian Allende

We were drawn to this line art series because of its interesting stylistic choices. The mix of heavy and thin line strokes created incredibly minimalist representations of the characters and offered a more cartoon-like aura.

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Colored Caricatures by Anna Rettberg

Breaking Bad Color Caricatures by aerettberg

Even though this illustration is digitally drawn, it has a distinct hand-drawn feel of classic caricatures, and we love it for that very reason.

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Digital Portraits by Harry Nesbitt

Breaking Bad Digital Portraits by Harry Nesbitt

These digital portraits by illustrator are have a hyper-realistic feel to them, which wins points in our book!

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Breaking Bad Election Posters by Nick Spanos

Breaking Bad Election Posters by Nick Spanos

These clever election-themed posters (obviously inspired by the first Obama “Hope” poster) has got us all giddy with the character’s clever “political” platforms. Don’t you think Nick Spanos did the main characters justice? We do.

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Flat Illustrations by Mario Macca

Breaking Bad Flat Illustration Series by Mario Macca

We’re particularly drawn to this flat illustration series by Italy-based freelance illustrator Mario Macca because it incorporates the look and feel of the periodic table that inspired the logo design.

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Breaking Bad Scene Illustrations by Federico Leggio

Breaking Bad Landscape Illustrations by Federico Leggio

This is a standout creation because of its unique perspective on the show. We love how Berlin-based designer Federico Leggio was inspired by his favorite episodes of the show instead of just the characters. It offers a whole new way to love the series, don’t you think? You can buy this series of posters here.

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Pinkman and the Brain by Matthew Olin

Breaking Bad x Pinky and the Brain Parody - Pinkman and the Brain by Matthew Olin

We were extremely excited to see that Matthew Olin, who beautifully interpreted superheroes into typography, colors, and more in the past, turn to this TV series as a source of inspiration. He found a unique perspective in drawing similarities between the drama and one of his favorite childhood cartoon shows, Pinky and the Brain, to create this fun experiment. Check out the rest of this mashup here.

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Breaking Bad Meets the Simpsons by Adrien Noterdaem

Breaking Bad x The Simpsons Parody Illustration by ADN-z

This parody was bound to happen, especially for Saul Goodman, who practically is a Simpsons character already.

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Vector Illustrations by Rob Barrett

Vector Illustrations of the Faces of Breaking Bad by Rob Barrett

We heart vector illustrations, and these creations by UK designer Rob Barrett are spot on.

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What’s your favorite artist rendition?



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