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It’s Camera Day today! So we’re going to do a semi-throwback. Remember the Polaroid? The camera that contained self-developing film — and within 30 seconds, a 4×4 picture would eerily appear with a space of white on the bottom to write a caption? I’m sure there’s a Polaroid floating somewhere around your house with a picture of your dad in too tight jeans from the ’80s. The Polaroid is pretty dated, considering it was invented in 1948… In 2008, Polaroid announced it would terminate producing film for the cameras; so currently, film for these now vintage items are extremely expensive. Luckily, there are new options for the hip and trendy to use to capture every blinking moment. Check out the 5 coolest cameras inspired by the Polaroid.

1. Instagram

instagram iconYou were probably the coolest one of your friends when you had Instagram two years ago. Now, it seems everyone is uploading retouched Instagram photos from their iPhone or Android to Facebook or Twitter. Instagram uses filters to enhance photographs instantly making anyone look like they’re in a Ray-Ban advertisement. Plus, you can even add a polaroid-esque border around your picture!

instagram images

2. Lomography

The lomography camera is relatively cheap (well, cheaper than an iPhone) and is basically a physical Instagram. Instead of a photograph on your phone or computer, the lomography camera uses 35mm film. The lomography camera uses special film to create particular tints on your photographs.  You can find lomography cameras at most modern art museum gift shops for around $100. Below is the typical “Diana” lomography camera (it comes in any color combination imaginable).

Image courtesy of art_ura via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
lomography photography
Typical Lomography Photo

Go to page 2 to see the other 3 coolest cameras inspired by Polaroid!

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