DIY Thursday: Plastic Animal Redo

If you’re looking for some easy crafts to liven up your weekend, we’ve got the tutorial for you! Plastic animals are a great material to utilize in your DIY projects. They’re cheap and adorable. You’d be surprised at all the cool things you can do with them! Check out our favorite plastic animal tutorials below.

Party Animal Necklaces via FlamingoToes

toy animal craftsInspired by Anthropologie’s necklaces, these DIY creations are much less expensive. Plus, you can customize them any way you want!


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Plastic Animal Taxidermy via LlevoElInvierno

toy animal craftsMake some cool plastic animal taxidermy for your wall! These little guys make neat party favors, too.

Painted Animal Ring Holder via SmallGoodThings

toy animal craftsNever lose your rings again! If your plastic animal has a tail, paint that sucker and turn it into one of these adorable ring holders.

Gilded Tic Tac Toe Set via DarbySmart

toy animal craftsThis glammed-up tic tac toe board with painted plastic animals is nothing but cute!

Tree Ornaments via Curbly

toy animal craftsPerfect for Christmas, or any other time of year, these plastic animals are easy to make. Use your favorite color of paint, and add some glitter to make things interesting!

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Plastic Animal Jar Toppers via TorieJayne

toy animal craftsA simple project to turn an ordinary jar into a sweet, decorative storage piece!

Plastic Animal Bookends via TheWeekendHomemaker

toy animal craftsHold up your books with a set of do-it-yourself bookends. Inexpensive, and very creative!

Toy Animal Wall Hook via QueenKwak

toy animal craftsYou can count on this plastic animal hook to keep your necklaces from tangling, and your keys from getting lost!

Plastic Animal Planter via LittleBitFunky

toy animal craftsUsing a larger plastic animal, you can make one of these planters. A unique addition to your indoor garden!

Trinket and Jewelry Holder via HoneyWe’reHome

toy animal craftsWe all have trinkets, but we don’t all have a place to put them. Now, you can make a trinket holder for your stuff, using a pretty plate and a painted plastic animal.

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Which of these toy animal crafts were you inspired by?

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