Twisted Endings Reimagined for Disney Villains Princesses

In July, we posted a roundup of the Top 10 Artist Recreations of Disney Princesses which displayed the characters as children, hipsters, superheroes, and more. But what if the Disney princesses weren’t really the strong, beautiful, kind-hearted ladies we all know them to be? What if, in a twisted turn of events, our beloved Disney princesses went bad and there were no such things as happy endings for anyone but the villains? Two artists, Justin Turrentine and Jeffrey Thomas wondered the same things as they turned Disney upside down with their dark, nightmarish renditions of the famous cartoons.

Happy Endings for Disney Villains


A 4 part series of beautiful digital art, Justin Turrentine’s “Happy Endings for Disney Villains” depicts Cruella Deville, Maleficent, Ursula, and the Evil Queen as the victors in the battle of good vs. evil. In the portraits, Cruella wears her enormous Dalmatian coat and purse next to a bloodied list of puppies on the floor, the Evil Queen rests on her throne next to a lock-box containing Snow White’s heart, Maleficent stands proudly over her new statues – the fairies, and Ursula feasts on Ariel’s companions. The images are striking and well done, and evil down to the very last detail. Check out more of Turrentine’s work here.

Twisted Princess


Jeffrey Thomas’ series “Twisted Princess” is set of 18 deeply dark and disturbing digital illustrations that portray the classic Disney princesses as evil, murderous, and downright creepy. Pocahontas is a blood-drenched warrior, Cinderella is a scarecrow, Sleeping Beauty’s eyes have been sewn shut, Ariel has one of her favorite gadgets and gizmos for a hand, and Mulan has a truly badass dragon tattoo that comes to life. You can see my favorites above and view the rest of the Twisted Princess collection here. Don’t forget to check out more of his work.

Do you think this would happen if Disney Villains won or Disney Princesses were evil?


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