Typography 101 for Beginner Graphic Designers

This year has been  dynamic year for logo redesigns. We saw Microsoft and eBay attempt a new minimalist look (keyword: attempt). USA Today also jumped on the rebranding bandwagon, but nothing has garnered as much of a negative reaction as the University of California logo redesign that sparked outrage from UC students and alumni. It couldn’t be a better time to show this infographic, which gives a Typography 101 lesson – especially useful for beginner graphic designers.

Typography plays a bigger role in our everyday lives than we’d expect. It is integrated with other semiotic means of expression, like color, texture, movement, and so on. Typography has become something much more than mere letterforms – it has developed to a stage that communicates personality, age, mood, and more. This is why we love everything about graphic design – designers inspire and move society without society even knowing it. Charlie Hilton of Urban Times got it right:

The old cliché advises never to judge a book by its cover – why? – because if the design, layout and colour coding of the typeface is superior to its shelf competition, you will be drawn to it regardless if the title happens to be: ‘You Would Be A Fool To Buy Me‘.

Now, onto the infographic. It is the perfect guide for beginners and a great checklist for budding designers. Whether you are looking for the exact typeface or how it conveys a message, it outlines everything right here!

Typography 101 for Beginner Graphic Designers

What do you think of this short lesson on Typography 101?

Featured photo credit: splorp via photopin cc


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