Uber Safe: Breathalyzer Kiosks Offers Free Rides Home If You’re Too Drunk To Drive

uber safe breathalyzer kiosks

Uber recently collaborated with Rethink, a Canadian creative agency, and design and fabrication studio Stacklab for a clever campaign to make Toronto’s roads safer. As part of an initiative to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, they are now offering Toronto residents a free ride home if they blow over the limit at curbside Uber Safe kiosks.


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The San Francisco-based startup believes its ride sharing service is the ideal form of transportation when it comes to getting home safely when you’re intoxicated. So they set up brightly-lit Uber Safe kiosks for the public to engage with after they’ve been hitting up the local bars to prove their point. Users are encourage to blow through a disposable straw for six seconds. If the breathalyzer detects that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over the legal limit, the Uber Safe kiosk will offer the option of a free Uber ride home.

uber safe breathalyzer kiosks

“We want to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable ride home is available to everybody, especially late at night when drunk driving is most common and can be avoided,” says Ian Black, General Manager of Uber Toronto.

Watch a video of the Uber Safe kiosk in action below:

Video and screenshots via Uber Safe

It seems like the promotional stunt could backfire by giving people a reason to drink enough to win a free ride home, but Uber told Engadget that they’re happy with the response they’ve gotten so far, and to stay tuned for possibly even more kiosks launching in areas other than Toronto. New Uber users elsewhere in Canada can also get a free ride up to $25 using the “UberSafe2015” code.

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The campaign still serves as a reminder that bar- and party-goers still have alternatives to driving drunk. It’s also a lot safer than having inebriated people stumbling around looking for cabs or trying to make it home on foot. Could this mean Uber will develop similar initiatives for other bar-heavy neighborhoods in the U.S. and other countries?

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