Standing concerts, subway stations, airport lounges, rooftop parties — there’s always a place you wish had more comfortable, reliable seating (or any seating at all)! The innovative outdoor furniture and accessory company, Picnic Time, has decided to fulfill your wish by releasing a portable couch that seats two people comfortably. Take a look for it yourself:

The two-seat couch folds into a suitcase-sized bag with a padded shoulder strap!

Maybe you want to give extra seating options when you’re hanging out in the middle of Central Park, watching an outdoor movie screening. Or maybe you want to furnish your dorm room (0r common area) with a couch at an affordable rate. Or maybe the furniture is a little sparse at your outdoor/rooftop party. Considering the suggest retail price is $159.99 (and you can get it for $80.06 on Amazon as of June 13, 2012, if you’re not picky about the color), you’ve got an affordable solution to your problem!

The back of Picnic Time's Portable Reflex Travel Couch

Here’s a description from Picnic Time about the Reflex Travel Couch:

The Reflex is a portable reclining travel couch with armrests and an adjustable shoulder strap that folds in half for easy transport and storage. It comes in three colors: Red, Navy and Black. With a 39″ long seat, the Reflex is roomy enough to seat two adults. High density, 3″ thick foam in the seat and back rest make this seat very comfortable. Lay it flat, and stretch out for a nap. Four backrest positions offer a range of comfort possibilities. The Reflex provides indoor or outdoor seating possibilities. It’s the ultimate chair for tailgating, spectator sports, indoor TV/movie viewing, video gaming, and dorm living.

This portable couch comes in three colors: red, blue, and black. The total weight for the product is 16 pounds — that sounds portable to me!

Red, Blue, and Black Portable Couch

I’m going to try and contact Picnic Time so I can review it. I wonder how comfortable it is, and how easy it is to fold and unfold? So many questions I need answered!

What do you think of this portable couch? Love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Gizmodo]


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