umbrella installation art

In the town of Águeda, Portugal, there is an umbrella art installation where whimsical, brightly colored umbrellas magically “float” mid-air over a promenade, making any person’s walk down the street feel like a childhood whimsy. A beautiful way to cool down the outside!

umbrella installation art

The umbrella installation especially creates a dynamic visual seen, with the juxtaposition between the umbrellas above and the shadows below.

umbrella installation art

All photos by Diana Tavares.

umbrella installation art

Overall, Portugal seems to be a highly underrated place to visit. Travel Freak has written a few times about visiting Lisbon and Porto, Portugal without any preconceptions. My own visit to Sintra was like a page out of a fairy tale. Check out these other videos on Portugal:

Visit the Batalha Monastery in Portugal

[via MyModernMet]


  1. Hi Pamela,
    I agree with you… Portugal is a highly underrated place to visit. For instance, Sintra, Lisbon and Cascais can combine in such a small area, huge monuments, magnificent beaches, fabulous palaces, peace and quiet sightseeings or frenetic night life. There are not a lot of places like these in the world.



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