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Unicorns. Unicorns everywhere. Wouldn’t that be nice? Yeah, we thought so too. Unicorns are shy creatures, who can only be tamed by the gentle and pure of heart. Plus, their horns have healing powers, and that’s pretty hardcore, yo.

If you could use a little more magic and mysticism in your life, you will certainly enjoy these whimsical unicorn finds we encountered on Etsy!

Origami Unicorn Sculpture, $86.93 FlorigamiShop

unicorn finds via etsyYou’ll need to make some space on your unicorn collection shelf for this collectible, but it’ll totally be worth it. You can also have the label customized.

Unicorn Embroidery Hoop, $30 bytherockandweed

unicorn finds via etsyWho wouldn’t want to hang this sweet unicorn embroidery hoop art piece up on their wall? It’s absolutely precious.

Unicorn Mask, $7.15 Wintercroft

unicorn finds via etsySome days, you just need to show off your inner unicorn. We understand. You can download this DIY printable unicorn mask in seconds, and be out the door in under ten minutes.

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Vintage Odysseus the Unicorn Lamp, $1,275 EarthSeaWarrior

unicorn finds via etsyThis vintage Odysseus unicorn lamp is so fun and retro that it actually hurts. It’s the only way for any self-respecting unicorn lover to light up a room.

Unicorn Terrarium, $34 MossLoveTerrariums

unicorn finds via etsyAs if terrariums weren’t whimsical enough, this one has a bright, hot pink unicorn inside. And that’s why you need it.

Unicorn Mug, $15.53 Lazylinepainterbelle

unicorn finds via etsyCrazy cat ladies? Sure. But that’s been done to death. We are the future, you guys. Reach for the stars. You go crazy unicorn ladies!

Unicorn Parade Phone Case, $27+ CassiaBeckCollage

unicorn finds via etsyWhen you call up your friends to talk about unicorns, make sure you only use a cell phone that has one of these unicorn parade covers. For your own good.

Handmade Clay Unicorn Pot, $39.72 JellyRoos

unicorn finds via etsyThis palm-sized pot is the perfect place to store your rings, bobby pins, and all of those tiny, shiny things that you are inexplicably attracted to. Your small stuff is safe with this little unicorn.

Unicorn Chalkboard, $20 CreativeUseofTech

unicorn finds via etsyWhile you’re out there chasing unicorns, you can sometimes forget all of the other important things that you need to take care of when you return to reality. Use this adorable unicorn chalkboard to make lists and reminders, so you can stay on track.

Believe in Unicorns Poster, $20 KosherPosters

unicorn finds via etsyTake it from this fabulous unicorn, life’s a helluva lot easier when you believe in yourself. So keep on dreaming those crazy dreams of yours, and enjoy this encouraging print while you’re at it!

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