Upcycle This! 10 Ways to Reuse Floppy Disks

Upcycle This! 10 Ways to Reuse Floppy Disks

If there was one thing you should do on Earth Day, it is recycle. At the very least, please recycle. But some of us are a little more advanced than that – some could go as far as upcycle some perfectly good household items that are just… out of date? Floppy disks certainly qualify as out of date, don’t you think?


We love floppy disks for all the creative opportunities it offers people who still happen to own them. (By the way, you might have a hording problem if you still own a sizable number of floppy disks; we’re just giving you the heads up now.) And since they provide little to no use for us on the technology front, as computers don’t even have floppy disk drives anymore and USB drives offer exponentially more data space, you might as well find some creative ways to reuse those floppy disks, don’t you think? Some of these projects we found are simple enough to make while there are still a few hours left of Earth Day, while some you can purchase on Etsy. Check them out below!

floppy disks desk organizer

1. Green and geeky desk organizers make our heart flutter just a bit. Making one yourself seems simple enough – all you’ll need are some zip ties and 5 floppies – but the one above can be found on Etsy! (via GeekGear)

For more wonderful desk organizer finds, go here.

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