Upcycle This! 14 Ways to Reuse CDs & DVDs

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Are you a music junkie? I don’t mean a 2013 music junkie — the ones with endless gigabytes on your iPod or iPhone just anxiously awaiting for Beyonce’s next single to be released. I mean the music junkie who has dozens of old cds laying around the house – the cds that have been played hundreds of times, blaring music from boy bands, country stars, and good ol’ rock and roll. Who hasn’t loved a long road trip accompanied by the windows down on a nice day and some bumpin’ tunes!


Nowadays, chances are the cds that once filled your house or car with your favorite tunes are sitting in a garage, attic, or abandoned room collecting dust, landfill, or recycling bin. CDs and DVDs are not properly recycled if left curbside in the blue can – they are a #7 plastic. When not recycled correctly, discs will sit forever in a landfill or emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. As found on the CD Recycling Center of America‘s website:

Plastic discs are made from oil. Recycling your discs saves oil and conserves natural resources, while turning them back into something useful.

While we encourage the proper recycling of materials, we also strongly encourage getting crafty! Pull out those CDs and dust them off – get inspired and get crafty with how to upcycle and reuse CDs and DVDS!

   CD Mini Album Upcycle This! 14 Ways to Reuse CDs & DVDs

1. DIY CD Mini Album (via SCRAPBOOK-CRAZY)

This mini photo album is perfect to remember a weekend getaway trip!

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