Upcycle Reuse Repurpose Wine Bottles

Upcycle Reuse Repurpose Wine Bottles

Although there is nothing sadder than finishing the last few savory sips of your favorite wine, nobody says that the party has to end! In 2012 alone the USA drank 856 million gallons of wine, so we know those bottles have to go somewhere! Empty wine bottles often end up mixed in with all your other recycling, but there’s definitely no need for that with these awesome DIY projects. Save those bottles (and splurge to buy a few more) and reuse them to create gorgeous home and garden decorations. The crafts below range from easy to difficult, so everyone can find something to suit their home and their ability.

Depending on the type of wine and region or origin, the bottle can vary greatly in shape (pear, straight-sided, high or low shoulders, sloped neck etc) and color (green, white, Burgundy). The top four countries that produce the most wine are (in order) France, Italy, Spain and the United States. The countries who drink the most wine (hiccup–in order) are the United States, France, Italy and Germany. Oddly enough, the countries with the most acreage for vineyards are (in order) Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and China–not really sure what happened between the farm and the glass there.

Wine is a very sophisticated drink for both the drinker and the producer. There are thousands of different varieties of grapes and hundreds of different wines that can satisfy every palette. The basics is that there are two colors: wine grapes (make white wine) and red grapes make red wine (there’s also rose, sparkling and fortified wines). The basic flavors are bold, fruity, dry and earthy. My personal favorite description of a wine is that it tasted “of babbling brooks and granite”–so for the non-connoisseurs like us, all we taste is wet grapes.

We hope that you can brush up on your wine tasting abilities and that these crafts inspire you to buy some new types! However, we recommend that you do most of these crafts sober because they do, after all, involve glass. Cheers!

1. Humming Bird Feeder (via Allie Makes)

humming bird feeder allie makes wine bottle upcycle

2. Wine Bottle Wall (via Upcycled Garden Style)

wine bottle fence wall upcycle

3. Cheese Tray (via Instructables)

wine bottle flattened cheese try upcycle

4. Wine Bottle Tumblers (via Brit & Co)


5. Hanging Planters (via Crafty Junk in my Trunk)

wine bottle planter upcycle

6. Chalkboard Bottles (via bell’alimento)

DIY-Chalkboard-Paint-Wine-Bottle-004-533x800 - Copy

7 . Pendant Lights (via DIY Network)

wine bottle pendant lights diy network upcycle

8. Hurricane Lamps (via Wedding Bee)

hurricane lamps wine bottles upcycle

9. Soap Dispenser (via Unskinny Boppy)

wine bottle soap dispenser

10. Wind Chimes (via Designs by C.D. Childs)

Clear Wind Chime 001

11. Wine Bottle Table (via Haute Nature)


12. Chandelier (via Wine Bottle Crafts)

wine bottle chandelier

13. Coat Rack (via Uncommon Goods)

wine bottle coat rack

14. Candle Holder (via Design Sponge)

wine bottle candle holder

15. Shelving (via Instructables)

wine bottle shelving

16. Plant Watering (via Instructables)

wine bottle plant watering

17. Tiki Torch (via Design Sponge)

wine bottle tiki torch

18. Garden Border (via Gardener Scott)

glass bottle border

Check out our Upcycle This! archive for other cool upcycle projects.

Can you think of other ways to upcycle wine bottles?

photo credit: RuffLife via photopin cc




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