Upcycle This! Bottle Caps

Upcycle This! Bottle Caps

Beer bottles, water bottles, glass soda bottles… how many do you drink in a week? Those bottle caps that block your way to your fizzy drinks have so much more potential for reuse. Furniture, magnets, sculptures – just to name a few. They have so many upcycling opportunities, in fact, that we had to write an entire post about it.

Let’s continue Earth Week on Redesign Revolution with our second installment of Upcycle This!, the bottle caps edition. Check them out below!

Upcycle Bottle Caps Armchair

1. This colorful capped out chair was comprised of hundreds of caps! Designed by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell. (via How to Recycle)

Upcycle Bottle Caps Disney Pixar Up Grape Soda Pin

2. If you immediately thought of the opening segment from Disney Pixar’s Up when you saw the photo above, then you get extra brownie points! JegasCreations on Etsy sells the famous grape soda bottle cap pin that Carl wears throughout the film. (via Etsy) $3

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Backsplash

3.We love this bottle cap backsplash inspiration. With some careful color coordination, you’ll have something visitors will talk about! (via Apartment Therapy)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Basket

4. This DIY bottle cap basket requires a lot of bottle caps, so start saving up now! (via Instructables)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Candles

5. These bottle cap candles upcycle several things at the same time: broken cans, empty soup cans and caps! (via Crafaholics Anonymous)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Dragon Scales Wall Art

6. This clever project can transfer your caps into dragon scales for a wonderful wall art piece. (via Instructables)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Flower

7. We loved this upcycled bottle cap flower project. Who wouldn’t want this decorative garden stake in their garden? (via Instructables)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Hunger Games Pin

8. These DIY Hunger Games bottle cap pins are a perfect project for fans excited about the upcoming follow up film, Catching Fire. (via Rae Gun Ramblings)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Mid Century Modern Clock Magnets

9. These DIY mid century clock magnets are simple to make and are wonderful for decorating your fridge door! (via How About Orange)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Pin Cushion Ring

10. This DIY bottle cap pin cushion ring is a simple 5-minute project! Great way to get rid of your caps and scrap fabric. (via Prudent Baby)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Serving Tray

11. This beautiful DIY serving tray can be on the expensive side, if you don’t plan well, but isn’t it lovely? (via Sweet Something Design)

Upcycle Bottle Caps DIY Trash Bin

12. This DIY paper waste basket requires a lot of caps and zip ties, but the result is great! Other use: lampshade. (via Instructables)

Upcycle Bottle Caps Earrings

13. These Heineken beer bottle cap earrings by Destiny’s Cove in Etsy are sure to turn heads! (via Etsy) $3.50

Upcycle Bottle Caps Flower by Yoav Kotik

14. Israeli designer Yoav Kotik held an art exhibition in 2008 where he created a series of bottle cap designs, like the rose above. (via Design Boom)

Upcycle Bottle Caps Dandelions by Yoav Kotik

15. This dandelion design was also created by Yoav Kotik for his 2008 art exhibition. (via Design Boom)

Upcycle Bottle Caps Fruit Bowl

16. This bottle cap fruit bowl was designed by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell. (via How to Recycle)

Upcycle Bottle Caps Installation by Satoshi Hirose

17. Japanese artist Satoshi Hiroshi created a massive sculptural work in 2011 titled “Island: An Existence of Nine Years” comprised of recyclable bottle tops the artist collected over 9 years. Insane, right? (via Design Boom)

Upcycle Bottle Caps Lamp by Lula Dot

18. The CAPtivate lamp was made from damaged plastic PET bottles and features an assortment of caps collected at a football stadium in the UK! (via Lula Dot£88 for EU / £128 for International

Upcycle Bottle Caps Magnet Board

19. This framed magnet board is composed of reused bear bottle caps. Green Hart on Etsy was inspired by the idea that folks often upcycle the caps into magnets, so he decided to reverse the process! (via Etsy) $45

Upcycle Bottle Caps Man Cave Mosaic

20. I don’t really understand the necessity of man caves, but this man cave sign by LittleJewelBoutique on Etsy made of upcycled beer bottle caps surrounding a melted beer bottle is far too awesome not to share. (via Etsy) $50

Upcycle Bottle Caps Mural

21. You can find this bottle cap mural in a the Russian village of Kamarchaga that used 30,000 plastic caps to create. (via Design Boom)

Upcycle Bottle Caps Speakers

22. These bottle cap headphones were a high school science experiment that were also comprised of coffee cups, shipping tubes and more. Not exactly an audiophiles’ dream but they work! (via Make)

Upcycle Bottle Caps Tiny Urban Garden

23. The Japanese Merry Project made these adorable miniature gardens from these little caps. Cute, don’t you think? (via Merry Shop)

Check out our Upcycle This! archive for other cool upcycle projects.

What would you transform your bottle caps into?

photo credit: HeatherKaiser via photopin cc



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