Upcycle This! 28 Ways to Reuse Wine Corks

Upcycle This Wine Corks

Raise your hand if you are a self-proclaimed wino, because all winos of the world can agree to this simple fact: lots of wine means an excessive number of wine corks to deal with after your bottle is emptied. What are you supposed to do with those wine corks? To understand that, we should understand why cork is such a wonderful material.


Though cork stoppers represent roughly 2/3 of all cork-based production, it is an increasingly popular trend for designers to use cork material as flooring or counter tops. This is seen as an eco-friendly practice because harvesting natural cork does not require a tree to be cut down. Additionally, the industry is highly regulated and all of the cork material provides opportunities for recycling and reuse.

As the production process is sustainable, isn’t it also a good idea to continue the sustainable practices after those cork stoppers have stopped being useful? That’s why there’s an entire community of people who like to upcycle their corks for other creative products. We narrowed down the awesome creations to 28, covering the most obvious (cork boards) to the most creative (guitars?!). Check them out below, and start harvesting your own wine corks to begin making your own handy household items!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Backsplash

1. DIY Kitchen Backsplash (via Shelterness)

This kitchen backsplash reminds us of a bottle cap backsplash we featured…

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