Upcycle This Wine Corks

Upcycle This Wine Corks

Raise your hand if you are a self-proclaimed wino, because all winos of the world can agree to this simple fact: lots of wine means an excessive number of wine corks to deal with after your bottle is emptied. What are you supposed to do with those wine corks? To understand that, we should understand why cork is such a wonderful material.

Though cork stoppers represent roughly 2/3 of all cork-based production, it is an increasingly popular trend for designers to use cork material as flooring or counter tops. This is seen as an eco-friendly practice because harvesting natural cork does not require a tree to be cut down. Additionally, the industry is highly regulated and all of the cork material provides opportunities for recycling and reuse.

As the production process is sustainable, isn’t it also a good idea to continue the sustainable practices after those cork stoppers have stopped being useful? That’s why there’s an entire community of people who like to upcycle their corks for other creative products. We narrowed down the awesome creations to 28, covering the most obvious (cork boards) to the most creative (guitars?!). Check them out below, and start harvesting your own wine corks to begin making your own handy household items!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Backsplash

1. DIY Kitchen Backsplash (via Shelterness)

This kitchen backsplash reminds us of a bottle cap backsplash we featured…

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Bath Mat

2. DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat (via Crafty Nest)

You might want to seal your bath mat after making it, though it lasted a good 18 months for Crafty Nest. Not bad, in our opinion.

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Chandelier

3. DIY Wine Cork Chandelier (via Shannon Quimby)

It took 10 years for this collection of corks to come together – crazy, no?

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Christmas Wreath

4. DIY Holiday Wreath (via Wine Folly)

Because wreaths are appropriate for all occasions; just change the ribbon color!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Coasters

5. DIY Wine Cork Coasters (via Heartmade)

It seems like you can make coasters out of anything!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Trivet

6. DIY Wine Cork Trivet (via love u madly)

Don’t stop at the coasters – think a little bigger with these trivets!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Corkboard

7. DIY Memo Board (via Home Made)

Fun fact: This beautiful memo board was made from an old door!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Giraffe Sculpture

8. Giraffe Cork Sculpture (via Lil Blue Boo)

This sculpture takes a lot of corks, so make sure you save up! But the end result is worth it, when you dress up your wine bar with this (not-so) little fella.

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Herb Markers

9. DIY Wine Cork Herb Markers (via Shine your Light)

Even the uncrafty types can make these herb markers for their gardens. (If they have a garden, that is…)

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Jewelry Organizer

10. DIY Jewelry Organizer (via Humble Foodie)

Display all your jewelry beautifully with this clever organizer.

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Keychains

11. DIY Keychains (via Cleverly Inspired)

Keychains are an easy way to fill your party favor bags, and they can easily immortalize the event.

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Lampshade

12. DIY Wine Cork Lampshade (via Home Crux)

If you’ve got a glue gun and some (note: a lot) corks to spare, then dress up your plane old lampshade!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Letter Monogram

13. DIY Wine Work Monogram (via Pretty Delicious)

Start with a wooden letter (found at your local crafts store), get some craft paint and begin molding your corks to the letter’s shape! Full instructions here.

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Napkin Rings

14. DIY Napkin Rings (via Brass Paperclip)

Napkin rings add a lot of personality to your table setting, and these DIY napkin rings are sure to be a great conversation starter!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Ombre Heart

15. DIY Ombre Cork Heart (via Green Wedding Shoes)

This ombre cork heart makes for a great wall decoration piece.

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Placeholders

16. DIY Place Card Holders (via Hope Studios)

A great idea for your next dinner party!
Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Planters

17. DIY Cork Planters (via Upcycle That)

These live cork planters make awesome fridge magnets!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Serving Tray

18. DIY Tray (via Shine Your Light)

Empty out an old picture frame and start lining it to create this look!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Stamp

19. DIY Cork Stamp (via Morning Creativity)

Loving this tiny stamp creation!

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Thread Spool

20. DIY Thread Spool (via A Beautiful Mess)

These easy thread spools make for wonderful gifts for fellow winos.

Upcycled Wine Corks DIY Wine Cork Flash Drive

21. DIY Flash Drive (via Instructables)

For more creative flash drive ideas, go here.

Upcycled Wine Corks Dog Leash

22. DIY Wine Cork Dog Leash (via Olive Bites)

You can’t forget the adorable pooch in your life when you’re inspired to get crafty! This dog leash is an awesome start.

Upcycled Wine Corks Guitar

23. Fused Glass Wine Cork Guitar (via JawGaGlass) $250

We don’t think this guitar is actually functional, but it certainly makes for a wonderful decor piece!

Upcycled Wine Corks iPhone Stand

24. Wine Cork iPhone Dock (via JDF Designs)

This dock is a great fit for your iPhone or iPad.

Upcycled Wine Corks Necklace Jewelry

25. Wine Cork Necklace (via uncorked) $14

This wine cork necklace makes for a wonderful fashion statement piece!

Upcycled Wine Corks Scott Gunderson Portraits

26. Cork Stopper Portraits by Scott Gundersen (via Freshome)

This artist upcycles hundreds of different wine corks to create these giant portraits!

Upcycled Wine Corks Serving Tray

27. Wooden Wine Cork Serving Tray (via FossatiDesigns) $60

This serving tray is multi-functional and can serve as a carrying tray, trivet or decorative piece.

Upcycled Wine Cork Votive Holders

28.  Wine Cork Votive Holders (via LizzieJoeDesigns) $18

These votive holders would look great as a table centerpiece!

Check out our Upcycle This! archive for other cool upcycle projects.

What is your favorite reuse of wine corks?

photo credit: Julie, Dave & Family via photopin cc



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