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We are back with our second installment of Upcycle This! Following the theme of Eco Monday for environmental awareness, our weekly feature is meant to focus on the growing trend of attempting to scale back our waste production by reusing – or upcycling – materials we already consume. In this installment of inspiring things upcycled from everyday objects, we decided to focus on great crafty projects created from discarded soda cans.

Soda cans are everywhere in modern day society – half of Americans drink soda everyday – and what’s worse, we’re drinking an average of 2.6 glasses of soda per day. Not only is this obscene level of soda consumption bad for our health, but it’s hard on our environment as well!

Hopefully, you’re already diligent about properly recycling the soda cans you are drinking. But why not do something a little crafty with the material? We found 21 awesome projects, from sculptures to candles, that use parts of a soda can. Check them out below!

Use your Aluminum Cans…

…As a lighting source.

Upcycle This! 21 Things Made from Soda Cans

1. Soda Can Lanterns (source: Apartment List)

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