Upcycled Washing Machine Stools by Junk Munkez

With overflowing junkyards a major problem in Lebanon, designers Xavier Baghdadi and Lea Kradokian found a way to recycle in style. Partnering under the name “Junk Munkez,” Baghdadi and Kradokian searched Beirut’s trash heaps for inspiration, and what they found were metal washing machine drums with a lot of potential. The drums make the perfect base for a stool, with a sturdy top and an open bottom perfect for hidden storage space. Junk Munkez painted the drums and used the perforations that line their circumferences as canvases for some seriously beautiful yarn embroidery, then topped the seats off with soft, colorful cushions to match. Junk Munkez’s stylish stools aren’t just bright and beautiful bits of furniture, but an effective solution to the recycling problem that plagues their city.

Kradokian described their efforts best, stating,:

As a team we design with a green conscience, giving life to the lifeless heaps of Beirut’s rising metal mountains, in hopes of pushing other Lebanese designers to think green as well.

“Knit Knacks” are proof that one man’s (or in this case, one city’s) trash is a re-designer’s treasure!

Upcycled Washing Machine Stools by Junk Munkez

Upcycled Washing Machine Stools by Junk Munkez

Upcycled Washing Machine Stools by Junk Munkez

You can buy these Knit Knacks here.

Your thoughts on these stylish stools by Junk Munkez?

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