Feng Shui Tips Bedroom

Feng Shui Tips Bedroom

Feng Shui interior design is all about creating your living space in harmony with nature. Some great benefits of designing your living space according to Feng Shui principles is that it is both eco-friendly and people-friendly — with all the natural materials you’re recommended to use, you’d be helping your allergies and overall health! We found this great video that showcases a lot of basic Feng Shui tips for you to follow when updating your living space!


Like the video? Here are 5 more Feng Shui tips to refresh your living space!

1. Lighten it up!

The more open and airy your space is, the more energy can flow throughout it! Using light color furniture in dark spaces or using sheer curtains that let in the natural light will help the flow of your living space.

2. De-Clutter like it’s your job.

Clutter makes it impossible for you to relax and calm down in your living space, and it’s so surprising how it creeps up on you sometimes. Find proper places for your stray toys, junk mail, old cloths, and dirty laundry. Out of sight, out of mind, and back to living space you can enjoy!

3. Place furniture strategically.

You should position your couch or bed’s headboard so that there is a solid wall behind it. And make sure that the foot of your bed isn’t directly aligned with your door, but diagonally instead. In Chinese culture, a coffin is always carried out of a door, feet first — that is why this alignment is known as the coffin position.

4. Sharp angles, be gone!

Share angles are carriers of negative energies. If you have any sharp angles pointing at you, Feng Shui says that you have negative energies funneling straight towards you!

5. Drain your problems away.

Make sure all your drains are functioning properly. They are where the bad energies from being unclean literally get cleared away!

Get some more wonderful Feng Shui tips for updating your living space here.

Have any other Feng Shui tips in your arsenal?




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