new vs old usa today logo

Can someone keep me in the loop, please? Is it change-your-logo month or something? Because with eBay’s new look, along with Microsoft going minimalist, it certainly seems like it. USA TODAY unveiled their brand redesign a week ago and all their outlets have officially made the switch.

From USA TODAY press release:

USA TODAY’s logo was redesigned to be as dynamic as the news itself. The logo will be a live infographic that can change with the news. It is simple and straight to the point, providing the opportunity for the newsroom to highlight the stories that matter to the nation. This approach builds off of USA TODAY’s long-standing leadership position in visual story-telling. Representing the pulse of the nation, the logo will be used as a platform to express USA TODAY’s editorial spirit — fun, bold and impactful.

Now, I can see it. At first glance, I would say that they took the phrase “keep it simple stupid” a little too literally. But If you see how it’s incorporated throughout all their brands, and how truly dynamic the empty circle is, I give them props. The designers behind this new look has made it clear that they want each of USA TODAY’s segments to be unique but maintain a singular look. That’s Branding 101.

I still think the circle looks like a placeholder, like they are waiting for the real logo to show up, but fine. I concede; that’s the look they went for. Either way, it does look like an upgrade from the old, squished logo.

usa today new logo

new usa today logo

new usa today logo

You can read an entire analysis of the new logo here.

What do you think of the new USA TODAY logo?

Found via Design with Purpose.



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