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As if the world of packaging wasn’t intricate enough, Wheat is Wheat is Wheat – creative vision of artist & designer, Peddy Mergui – sought to challenge the status quo when it came to products, branding, packaging, and perception. Mergui stresses that the products shown were created more from of a place of creative artistic expression than criticism of the brands represented or their values. However, the exhibition does explore the dynamic and ethics between design and consumer culture

As designers (or simply admirers of design and design principles) one has to question what kind of commentary this could potentially be taking on. Does a simple label or logo automatically qualify something as being of a higher value? It sometimes does feel that way when you closely examine consumerist culture and behavioral tendencies. Oftentimes, if the brand or designer name product is not within reach – often due to price inaccessibility – the knock-off will be obtained in place of it despite obvious poor quality. In this scenario, you can see what we mean by forgoing quality for a simple “name drop”. Identifying why this occurs often points to a basic reference: Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. These intrinsic human needs are identified as being self-actualization, esteem, love/belonging, safety, and physiological. The needs that brand names happen to fulfill through marketing techniques and social stigma are often the sense of belonging and esteem.

Would the same views be applicable if these brand names were printed on basic food items? Would you choose a Prada flour over a generic variety? Or is “wheat is wheat is wheat”?  Decide for yourself:

Flour by Prada

Fashion Packaging Design Prada 2

Fashion Packaging Design Prada

Infant Formula by Chanel

Fashion Packaging Design Chanel 2

Fashion Packaging Design Chanel

Salami by Louis Vuitton

Fashion Packaging Design Louis Vuitton 2

Fashion Packaging Design Louis Vuitton

Eggs by Versace

Fashion Packaging Design Versace

Fashion Packaging Design Versace 2

Coffee by Cartier

Fashion Packaging Design Cartier

Fashion Packaging Design Cartier 2

Yogurt by Tiffany & Co

Fashion Packaging Design Tiffany

Fashion Packaging Design Tiffany 2

Ramen by Burberry

Fashion Packaging Design Burberry 2

Fashion Packaging Design Burberry

All images via Peddy Mergui

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Would you purchase Prada flour?



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