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Disney: setting kids up for failure by making them believe that if they sing, they can make friends with talking animals who will also act as wise mentors.

Ah, who are we kidding?

We love you anyway Disney, and just the thought of Dumbo, Bambi, or any of the Princess movies makes us all nostalgic. Recapture your childhood with these wonderful vintage Disney finds from Etsy sellers!

70s Vintage Mickey Mouse Poster, $9.95 VintageSchoolDays

vintage disney Ah, that mousy face that started it all! This bright and sunny Mickey Mouse print is perfect for the die-hard Disney fan.

Vintage Dalmatians Vans, $125 StatedStyle

vintage disney A coat made from 101 Dalmatians? That’s almost logistically impossible. Anyway, we think these vintage Vans are way better.

Tinker Bell Jewelry Box, $209.99 CrowningCollections

vintage disney Who better to trust your jewelry with than that little imp fairy Tinker Bell? Open the lid and Tink dances to “You Can Fly”.

Disney Aladdin Watch, $38 FutureFighter

vintage disney Most people think that a Rolex is a sign of success, but really, it’s this vintage Aladdin watch. Wear this to your business meetings, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Disney Princess Sleeping Bag, $25 theretrobeehive

vintage disney The next time you throw a Disney Movie sleepover with your friends, don’t show up without this epic sleeping bag. It’s the only way to slumber.

PLASTiSKOP Vintage Bambi View Finder, $25 nsseaglass

vintage disney This PLASTiSKOP is German made and features everyone’s favorite orphaned fawn. It’s a cute little trinket for every Bambi lover.

Belle Paper Doll, $10 myrobynsnestboutique

vintage disney These vintage Belle paper dolls are perfect for framing and hanging in a little girl’s room. Or, you could totally still play with them.

Plastic Lion King Mug, $9.50 SaturdayMorningM

vintage disney In case you were wondering, you can totally still be an adult even if you drink your coffee from this Lion King mug.

90s Pocahontas Bag, $10 DeadDollysToyShop

vintage disney Move over Louis Vuitton! This Pocahontas bag is where it’s at. The perfect accessory for every outfit.

RKO Radio Dumbo Poster, $11.95 VintageSchoolDays

vintage disney This original Dumbo print is in gorgeous condition! It would make a great wall hanging for your home theater.

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Which of these vintage Disney finds do you love the most?



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