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You kids today think you’re so cool, walking around, talking on your iPhones. Well, it wasn’t always that way, kiddos. No sir, if we wanted to talk on the phone, we had to stay right by the receiver, because the phone was attached to it with a cord that would stretch about a good three feet. Four feet, if you were lucky.

But, hey, every invention’s got to start somewhere, right? So today we’re showing some love to some fabulously vintage phones. We can almost hear the dial tone now. . .

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1989 Gray SWATCH Phone, $55 RetroSparkShop

vintage phones etsyThis phone is the embodiment of what people from the 80s thought the future would look like. Of course, the future looks nothing like that, but it was a valiant effort!

Siemens Green Phone, $35 theoldrooster

vintage phones etsyThis green phone is so vibrant, it catches your eye instantly. It would make a great piece of decor for your mid-century modern style living room. Or, anywhere else, really, because it’s so retro!

Mid-Century Ericofon Phone, $39 MellaFina

vintage phones etsyThe Ericofon was super high tech for its time, because the dial was on the bottom, meaning the whole phone was one piece! It may be outdated now, but this phone was the item to have back in the 50s.

Transparent Pink 90’s Phone, $28 VelmasDiner

pho1If you were a teenage girl in the 90s, you probably had this phone, and you probably used it to talk to your friends, who also probably had this phone. Here’s your chance to rekindle those memories.

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60s Space Maker Phone, $200 PearsUncommonGoods

vintage phones etsyIf you don’t have the space for a table top rotary phone, you should consider this Space Maker. It’s a nice, warm neutral color that goes with anything, and, as the name implies, it will make more space for all your other (probably vintage) stuff.

Teal Rotary Phone, $35 OldTimeStories

vintage phones etsyThe design of this vintage phone may be traditional, but the color is what sets it off. What a great piece to display in your home office–and it still works!

Red 80s Analogue Phone, $122.90 danishmood

vintage phones etsyTake all of your calls on this lovely, muted red phone. It’s mid-century magical, and if you’re trying to make your office feel like a trip back to the 80s, you’re going to need this phone.

Violet Phone, $25 TimeMasks

vintage phones etsyYour friends will rethink their life choices when they come over to your house and see you answer this violet beauty. Purple isn’t such a popular color, and this phone shows you just how much of a shame that really is.

Red Table Phone, $28.67 RETROisIN

pho1This angular phone is another retro piece to show off. Think of all the fun you’ll have talking on this phone while sitting comfortably in your bean bag chair. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

Explosion Proof Black Industrial Phone, $325 ScoutandForge

vintage phones etsy This industrial phone was designed to be used in hazardous work environments–like mines, or refineries. But you don’t have to work in a dangerous place to fall in love with it. Just make sure to set it on a sturdy table–it weighs about 30 pounds!

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