Etsy Wednesday: Vintage Tables For Your Home

Today we’re on a vintage kick, and we’re indulging it by enjoying some killer vintage tables. It turns out tables can be a lot more than just a wooden top with four legs. They can be beautiful and imaginative. We think they are works of art, so here are ten vintage tables from Etsy sellers to help us prove our statement.

70s Coffee Table, $1,156.07 VINTAGELAMPDEN

vintage tables via etsyThis table was made in the image of an artist’s palette, and the result is spectacular! This sturdy vintage piece would make a great coffee table, and the rainbow of mosaic tiles makes it a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


German Mid-Century Modern Table, $327.49 MightyVintage

vintage tables via etsyThis is by far the funkiest table in today’s line up. There’s so many levels to place trinkets. It’s too interesting, we can’t look away!

Mid Century Cobalt Blue End Tables, $185 MakingMidCenturyMod

vintage tables via etsyThese nightstands are so mid-century modern, it’s not even funny. And that cobalt blue is so striking it hurts. But in a good way.

Vintage Wooden Rolling Cart, $125 6thAndDetroit

pho1Wouldn’t rearranging the furniture be so much easier if everything was on wheels? Do yourself a favor and check out this vintage rolling cart, and save yourself some trouble.

70s Plastic and Chrome Tables, $150 ljindustries

vintage tables via etsyIf you need a pair of cool yet unusual nightstands from the 70s, check these out. Chrome and plastic never looked so good.

Jens Risom Floating Table, $245 GallivantingGirls

vintage tables via etsyThe floating top of this piece is an interesting feature, and sets it apart from the other vintage tables. It’s made from solid Walnut, and its beauty is in its simplicity.

50s/60s Tripod Table, $192.98 wahnraumformer

vintage tables via etsyIf you crane your neck a little bit, this small table looks like a guitar pick. We’re not sure what, if anything, you can do with that information, but we like it.

Paul Evans “Butterfly” Table, $12,500 objects20c

vintage tables via etsy This “butterfly” style table is so modern and futuristic. It would be perfect for setting your daily cup of joe.

Tortoise Shell and Brass Table, $199 TheCactiCollective

vintage tables via etsyTortoise shell and brass are too classy to be limited to glasses. Just look at how good they look on this table. This is vintage perfection, right here.

50s Typewriter Table, $220 Humemaze

vintage tables via etsyWhether you use this vintage typewriter table to type up your latest manuscript with your awesome vintage typewriter, or just to display some lovely flowers, you won’t be able to find a great piece like this at a department store!

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