Christmas is still ahead and we couldn’t be more excited. But when the fanfare dies down, and you start packing those holiday decorations away, you might just decide to make some changes to your every day decor. Why not welcome the New Year with a new accent wall?

Bare walls are boring, but painting is a hassle. So ditch it in favor of these easy to use wall decals and/or wallpapers from some awesome Etsy sellers.

Multicolored Geometric Wallpaper, $49.80 DreamyWall

wall decals via etsyThis multicolored wallpaper is bright, bold, and fun! It makes an interesting accent wall to a neutral-painted room.

Black and White Tribal Wallpaper, $99.99 trendypeasdecal

wall decals via etsyThis wallpaper is peel and stick, you guys. That means it’s no muss and no fuss. You can put it up with ease, and it looks fantastic.

Magnetic Woodlands Wallpaper, $386.35 SianZeng

wall decals via etsyIf you think all that this wallpaper can do is look cute, then you’d be wrong. It’s actually magnetic! It comes with a set of fairy tale magnets, so you and your kiddos can act out your favorite scenes.

Custom Wall Stripes, $17+ danadecals

wall decals via etsyStripes always look so cool. But, who has the time or desire to paint them? That’s right: no one. So just use these custom stripe decals instead.

Avocado Print Wallpaper, $27+ KateZarembaCompany

wall decals via etsyAvocados are healthy fats, so it’s a great idea to add them to your diet. But, you know what? They’re also cute, so it’s a great idea to add them to your wall, too.

Winter Tree Wall Stencils, $49 DecorZe

wall decals via etsyIf you’re ready for a more DIYable accent wall, these birch tree stencils should be right up your alley. Paint your very own forest in your very own living room. Or, you know, wherever you want a painted forest.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper, $40+ AccentuWall

wall decals via etsyThis lovely paper is neutral, with gentle bursts of blue in the form of adorable birds.It’s a great paper if you want an accent wall that doesn’t draw too much attention, or clash with the other decor in your room.

Blooming Jungle Wallpaper, $38 WallfloraShop

wall decals via etsyIf you love the look of those tropical climates, bring it into your home–and do it with this really pretty blooming jungle wallpaper.

Gold Polka Dot Decals, $3+ ClassyClutterDesigns

wall decals via etsyYou can’t go wrong with polka dots. Or gold, for that matter. That’s why we’ve fallen in love with these gold polka dot wall decals.

Flamingo Pattern Wall Decal, $27.50 OhongsDesignStudio

wall decals via etsyWe’d like to see you try to be unhappy sitting in a room with an accent wall covered in these pretty pink flamingos. But of course, you can’t.

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Which of these wall decals would you purchase for your accent wall?


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