Furniture Fanatic: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Furniture Fanatic: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

For those of us who spend 8, 10 and even 12+ hours at the computer for work, keeping your back healthy and strong is a continuous struggle. Sure, we get up to stretch every often, but it’s increasingly important that we select the right chair to improve our posture. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair just might be the answer for all your work office woes.

According to Gaiam, this unique chair was designed by leading health experts with your back and overall wellness in mind. It employs the same balance ball used in your workout routine, but with an adjustable support bar, easy-glide casters, an air pump, and a desktop guide to help keep you moving. It’s been on the market for a while at this point, but we just heard about it recently and decided to give it a try.

Does it work? Read our review below to find out.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Look: It’s not the most attractive looking chair on the planet. The round base that holds the balance ball in place is bulky, but there aren’t really any complaints here. When you’re comparing it to my equally bulky IKEA rolling chair, you aren’t missing out on much.

Some things to note: all four wheels have a lock on them, which is useful for when you’re actually using the chair for exercise. But clumsy folks like me will frequently step on a lock when we don’t intend to. The back is also detachable, so you have the choice to keep it or not. Lastly, there aren’t any armrests, which may be a concern for some people who are at the office all day, but it hasn’t been a problem for me.

Effectiveness: The purpose of practicing with a balance ball is to strengthen your core, which will then support your back. Because you will have to constantly center yourself, you’re frequently reminded not to bend your shoulders or slouch. This balance ball chair promises just that, and after I’m over the initial back and shoulder pain from working out muscles I don’t typically use, thanks to my previous rolling chair, I am sure my lower back complaints will be gone instantly.

Price: Retail price is $79.98, but you can buy it on Amazon for $69.99 + free shipping. There are a lot of similar chairs on the market that are much more expensive, so the price is phenomenal, considering you get everything with it: the chair base, ball, air pump and more.

Verdict: Worth it, for people who are working 10+ hour days like I am. Though I recommend that you get up to walk around often to keep the blood circulation going.

Furniture Fanatic: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Furniture Fanatic: Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Will you buy yourself a balance ball chair by Gaiam?



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