Women in Western Art Share Their True Feelings…

The Toast has a wonderful way of meshing art, literature, humor, and feminism onto one blog. Having caught our eye and plenty of others (male included) plenty of times, one of their recent pieces really made us chuckle.

Primarily focusing on women in western art, editor Mallory Ortberg brought out the true sentiments in each  subject — boredom. Captioning classic western paintings by artists such as Jean Beraud and going even farther back to Peter Paul Rubens, what we can see here is a humorous take on the feminine role in portraiture.


The females are shown dozing off while doing otherwise more “feminine” activities. According to Ortberg, their male counterparts were all to blame. We tend to agree. What female hasn’t had these thoughts at least once before?

While the paintings alone are classic and an integral part of art history, the captions are truly enough to capture any non-art history buff’s attention. Look below for a few examples and make sure to take a look at the original article for many more!

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Jean Beraud, The Box by the Stalls, 1883

Jenan Beraud the box by the stalls western art

sorry babe

you know i can’t hear anything when I’m powdering my nose

ill let you know when I’m finished

Jean Beraud, The Soiree, 1880

jean beraud western art

oh no i wasn’t doing anything, I’m not busy

just talking to all my friends

but I’m so glad we’re doing this now instead

Jean Beraud, Women Skating

jean beraud western art

christ is e still behind us

i don’t know

keep skating

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Jean-Honore Fragonard, The Stolen Kiss, 1656-61

the stolen kiss jean honore fragonard western art


we’re kissing now

that’s the thing that is happening to me

Peter Paul Rubens, The Union of Earth and Water, 1618

union of earth and water peter paul rubens western art

mmm for sure

no i definitely agree

you don’t have to keep arguing because i agree and you’re right so we are on the same

we’re the same way, i agree

Jean Beraud, Scene de Cafe or The Absinthe,  1908

jean beraud scene de cafe western art



i’m still listening

you were talking about that

i’m just resting my eyes

All images via The Toast

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How accurate do you think these captions are?


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