Working from home? Designing your own workspace or office? There is no reason it should be drab or uninspiring. Boring cubicles are a thing of the past and bright, open spaces are here to stay.

Leigh Ann Reagen-Barnes walks you through creating an inspiring workspace and transforming any room in no time with a few easy, expert tips.

In this day and age when working from home is more prevalent than ever, this advice is more than welcome. Having a beautiful space to work in when there is no one constantly peering over your shoulder will keep you focused and on task. The lighting and feeling of extra space will also keep you energized and less stressed. A clutter-free workspace is assuredly one of the key ways to keep a clutter-free mind.

If you have ever dreamed of creating the ideal workspace, then look no further.

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What are some of your favorite workspace design tips?

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