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It’s been decided: your friends and/or family have chosen you to host the next get-together. You panic. You don’t have the experience and/or desire to pull this off. What are you going to do to make up for the fact that you’re not prepared to “party hardy” the way you’re expected to?

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We’ll tell you what you’re going to do! You’re going to pull yourself together and make one of these DIY garlands. Just hang a couple of these babies up, and your party will have atmosphere, ambiance, you name it. It’s as simple as that.

Flowers and Bees Paper Garland via HighWalls

pho1Flowers belong on garlands. But flowers die quickly. But these printed ones don’t! Which is why you should make this printed flower garland for you next festive gathering.

Floating Pompom Garland via TheSweetestOccasion

pho1Perhaps, in some alternate universe, pompoms can float on their own. But alas, in this universe, they must be strung on clear thread. Oh well. The effect is the same: adorable.

Pine Cone Fall Garland via FreePeople

pho1Fall is definitely worth celebrating! This twine and pine cone garland oozes autumn, and it’s perfect for nature lovers.

Lace Garland via Decozilla

pho1This lace garland is delightfully vintage, and whimsical to boot. It’s an easy do-it-yourself decoration for weddings, or for anything else you fancy.

Bow Garland via ElizabethKartchner

pho1This bow garland is cute, and perfect for a variety of occasions. Choose festive papers to make a garland for a birthday or Christmas, or pick papers that go with your decor to make a year-round garland.

Cheerful Printable Garlands via TinyMe

pho1String a happy message up to make this encouraging garland. Sure, it’s great for graduations and birthdays and such., but it’s totally cool to leave one up all the time.

Triangle Fringe Garland via MintLoveSocialClub

pho1This fringe triangle garland is so bohemian and fun! They’re easy to make, so you can have a bunch done when you’re in a pinch, and appropriate for any occasion.

Gold-Tipped Feather Garland via SimpleStylings

pho1We may never know just why feathers are so fun and aesthetically pleasing, but we’re glad that they are. It’s a fanciful garland, and would make a perfect backdrop for your hipster pictures.

Cascading Flower Garland via LiaGriffith

pho1Here’s another beautiful garland that you can hang as an everyday decoration. We love the muted tones of the flowers in this garland, but you’re not limited to this color scheme. You have the right to go crazy.

Photos and String Garland via BritCo

pho1What could be simpler than this photo garland? Just print out some of your favorite pictures of your friends, and use tiny clothes pins to hang them on a string. It’s so cute, you might just want to leave it up all of the time!

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How would you decorate your DIY garland?





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