45 Inspiring Red and White Living Room Designs

Red and White Living Room Designs

Red is my favorite color. I absolutely love it as an accent (or even the feature color) in a room’s color palette. In fact, if you ever take a sneak peak into my apartment, you’ll find that red is the dominant accent in our home (we even have a Clifford red couch that dominates our … Read more

Upcycle This! 28 Ways to Reuse Wine Corks

Upcycle This Wine Corks

Raise your hand if you are a self-proclaimed wino, because all winos of the world can agree to this simple fact: lots of wine means an excessive number of wine corks to deal with after your bottle is emptied. What are you supposed to do with those wine corks? To understand that, we should understand … Read more

Upcycle This! 23 Ways to Reuse Bottle Caps

Upcycle This! Bottle Caps

Beer bottles, water bottles, glass soda bottles… how many do you drink in a week? Those bottle caps that block your way to your fizzy drinks have so much more potential for reuse. Furniture, magnets, sculptures – just to name a few. They have so many upcycling opportunities, in fact, that we had to write … Read more

15 Gorgeous Portable Fireplaces for Small Spaces

Nothing creates a happy holiday vibe more instantaneously than a fireplace. And while there is no longer a real use for them, people have an emotional attachment towards flames. Additionally, fireplaces are seen as a social sigma, especially in cities like New York City. But a lot of the time, it doesn’t make a lot of … Read more

Retro-Inspired Floppy Disk Table

Floppy Disk Table

The need for physical methods to transfer our files is slowly becoming irrelevant. People are trading in their external hard drives and flash drives in favor of saving files on the cloud. And let’s not even get into CDs and DVDs. Remember how, only 10 years ago, CDs were the revolutionary storage device that would … Read more

Lemon Sorbet: Benjamin Moore’s Paint of the Year

Lemon sorbet is Benjamin Moore's paint of the year

You might skip something as simple as ‘lemon sorbet’ on a dessert menu, but this soft, pastel yellow shade has just been chosen as Paint of the Year by Benjamin Moore. Praised for both its quiet elegance and its easy universality, lemon sorbet can be manipulated in a variety of ways to bring color to … Read more

Notable Black Friday 2012 Deals: Home Edition

Notable Black Friday 2012 Sales: Home Edition

We at Redesign aren’t really the wake-up-early-to-beat-the-rush types for Black Friday. Can you blame us? It’s hard enough to wake up early to get into work everyday. But lucky for us, the internet is giving us a preview to some awesome Black Friday 2012 deals (plus some great Cyber Monday sales) that might get us … Read more

8 Easy DIY Projects to Prep for the Holidays

8 Easy DIY Projects to Prep Your Home for the Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays are almost here. Next Thursday: Thanksgiving. Next Friday: Black Friday. After that, it’s non-stop madness until you wake up, hungover, on Jan. 1. If you and/or your family are well on your way to breaking the bank for Turkey Day and Christmas presents, these 8 holiday decorations are easy DIY … Read more

Cocoon 1 Pods Take Personal Space to a New Level

Cocoon 1 Pods Take Personal Space to a New Level

Personal space bubbles: we all have them, metaphorically speaking, but what if you could make yours literal? With Cocoon 1, a transparent relaxation pod, you can!  Imagine having a portable bubble, in which you could sit and read, nap, watch the sunset, or enjoy a quiet, solitary lunch outside, without the need to worry about bugs, … Read more

6 Best Halloween Light Shows of 2012

6 Best Halloween Light Shows of 2012

You’ve already seen a Halloween light show done up Gangnam style–but that was just the start of the scary set-ups. We better start enjoying them now, too. We’ve already seen lots of homes taking down some howlingly good Halloween decorations in the face of Hurricane Sandy. Of course, there are great American Halloween Light Shows … Read more