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8 Easy DIY Projects to Prep Your Home for the Holidays

8 Easy DIY Projects to Prep for the Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays are almost here. Next Thursday: Thanksgiving. Next Friday: Black Friday. After that, it's non-stop madness until you wake up, hungover, on Jan. 1. If you and/or your family are...
6 Beautifully-Decorated White Pumpkins for Your Thanksgiving Table

6 Beautifully-Decorated White Pumpkins for Your Thanksgiving Table

You can never have enough pumpkin! Pumpkin decor seems to transition so flawlessly from Halloween to Thanksgiving, but pumpkin season doesn't have to end on Black Friday.  White pumpkins are the perfect way to...
Thanksgiving Day Art Projects

4 Thanksgiving Day Art Projects for Kids

Thanksgiving requires full-family participation: dads and uncles are sent to the store for booze and forgotten groceries, aunts and moms hustle in the kitchen with pots and pans, grandparents smile benevolently/mutter racist comments in...
Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Creative Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween is almost here! Pumpkins are probably the most iconic image that are associated with Halloween, whether pumpkin is used for cooking or decorating. We found this video showing some creative Halloween pumpkin decorating...
kitchen ideas feat image

10 Kitchen Decor Ideas for the Weekend

Don't lie. You're definitely running for "Kitchen of the Year" next year, aren't you?
ring toss diy

Ring Toss DIY: The Perfect Game To Play On Fourth Of July

The perfect game everyone can play this weekend.
diy wedding shower backyard bbq

The Perfect DIY Wedding Shower Of Your Dreams

Save money and have a blast with this alternative
diy fathers day gift

Father’s Day: The DIY Gift Every Dad Will Love

Why not get your dad something a little more personalized on Father's Day?
diy bridal shower ideas

These Bridal Shower DIYs Will Make You the Best Maid-of-Honor Ever

Ah, the honor of being the maid-of-honor. It's a lot of pressure being the bride's right hand person. You want to make sure everything from the bachelorette party to the actual big day is perfect,...
make a pinwheel

This DIY Giant Pinwheel Would Look Great On Any Yard

There's one thing every yard needs: a pinwheel or pin spinner as some people call it. A pinwheel is just a yard staple that you must have. And if you want this classic feature but are...
diy phone case

DIY Thursday: 3 Quick & Easy Phone Cases

As much as we hate to admit it, we're glued to our cell phones. They have become a must-have accessory that nearly everyone has and displays constantly. And like any of our other accessories,...
decorate mason jar ideas

3 Totally New Ways To Decorate Mason Jars

Mason jars have become one of the hottest trends in the DIY world. Not only are they super inexpensive, but they are also really versatile, making them a must-have in any home. You can use...
diy coffee table

DIY Coffee Table? Yes, Please!

There are so many things you can DIY in your house. Most of the time the do-it-yourself projects are for smaller items, however, we think it's time you go BIG. In the video above from HGTV,...
diy nail polish marbling

Nail Polish Marbling – Take Your Kitchen Accessories to the Next Level

We've all seen those nail polish marbling accessories that just look so pretty and elegant. But have you ever thought of making one yourself? If not, you totally should, because not only...
diy wall sconce

No Electrician Needed: Easy Industrial-Style Copper Pipe Sconce

If you're looking to up your DIY skills, we have found the perfect project for you. In the video above, designer Dan Faires shows us how to create an easy industrial-style copper pipe...



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