8 Easy DIY Projects to Prep for the Holidays

8 Easy DIY Projects to Prep Your Home for the Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays are almost here. Next Thursday: Thanksgiving. Next Friday: Black Friday. After that, it’s non-stop madness until you wake up, hungover, on Jan. 1. If you and/or your family are well on your way to breaking the bank for Turkey Day and Christmas presents, these 8 holiday decorations are easy DIY … Read more

Upcycle This! 5 Oatmeal Container Storage Solutions

No matter how much storage you have, it’s never enough. This is especially true for women. We’ve got jewelry, clothes, shoes, make up, sewing do-dads, hair products, and all sorts of other stuff. And it isn’t that we don’t try to keep it all organized. Goodness only knows the countless hours I’ve spent trying to … Read more

Upcycle This! Valentine’s Day Edition

Upcycle This Valentine's Day

The time of year when everyone is either falling in love, feels in love, or loathes everything about love is upon us. That’s correct, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That really only means one thing, buying sincere, yet typical presents like flowers and chocolate, or raiding the Valentine’s Day aisle of CVS at … Read more

Upcycle This! 7 Ways to Reuse Planters


Now that the holidays are over, it’s safe to say that the warm weather can come back whenever it’s ready. Unfortunately, since we still have a good amount of winter left to endure, we might as well sit tight and start some upcycle projects in anticipation of the spring! This week, Redesign Revolution is featuring … Read more

Upcycle This! 10 Ways to Reuse Your Old Newspapers

upcycle this reuse newspapers

Alright, so we know that many people have been saying that “print is dead’ and, heck, they’re probably right. That being said, many still like the feel of getting their newspaper delivered. But what do you do when you’re done with it? Are you responsible and recycle? Do you let them accumulate dust in some … Read more