Check Out Redesign Revolution’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we know that many of you have yet to get your loved ones that special gift, tailored...
Photo of the Day Lion Poses for the Camera

Photo of the Day: Lion Poses for the Camera

Would you ever come near this wild animal, even if the lion poses like a cute puppy, waiting to have his belly rubbed? Yeah,...

Daily Dose of Design: Dec. 17

The world is a-buzzing with a lot of awesome stories everyday. Gorgeous photo series, innovative art installations, groundbreaking tech news - how do you...
Durex End of the World Ad Campaign

Think Dec. 21 is the End of the World? Durex Does.

While many organizations have gone out of their way to put end of the world rumors to rest (see: NASA), and others have proclaimed...
Harbin Ice Festival 2012

Photo of the Day: Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

We spent a good portion of time last night finding cheap flights to visit our friend in Japan next year, and it brought back...
Typography 101 for Beginner Graphic Designers

Typography 101 for Beginner Designers (Infographic)

This year has been  dynamic year for logo redesigns. We saw Microsoft and eBay attempt a new minimalist look (keyword: attempt). USA Today also...
Dec. 14 Photo of the Day: Garden of the Gods

Photo of the Day: Garden of the Gods

You never realize how much Reddit can really provide in the inspiration front until they produce something really beautiful. Today, we came across this...
Geeky Christmas GIFs

Spread the Holiday Cheer with Geeky Christmas GIFs

We're in full Holiday mode at the Redesign Revolution offices! Everyone's gearing up for the office holiday party, which reminds us that we need...
Waterfall Island at Iguazu Falls

Photo of the Day: Waterfall Island at Iguazu Falls

Thanks to the wonder that is StumbleUpon, we came across a site we never would have found otherwise: My Random Stuff. And you know...
Personalize Your Space with Z!ng Revolution Vinyl Skins

Personalize Your Space with Z!NG Revolution Vinyl Skins

Brittney, the editor of Surviving College, and I got the opportunity to do something different from the usual editorial grind last week. We were...
Re:START Pop-Up Mall New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand Builds Re:START Pop-Up Mall Out of Shipping Containers

After the community was struck with a massive 6.3 earthquake back in February 2011, Christchurch, New Zealand looked for a temporary - but effective...
Infrared Photography by David Keochkerian

Photo of the Day: Infrared Photography by David Keochkerian

Colossal got it right when they described the infrared photography by France-based photographer David Koechkerian as "bizarre, saturated landscapes created from a Dr. Seuss...



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