pictures of terrariums

6 Marimo Terrariums by Brooklyn Artist Gönül Yetim

I came across Gonul Yetim's work by pure accident, while searching for inspiration for my next post. And boy, what a find it was!...
Doc Sofa Bunk Bed 1

Doc Sofa Bunk Bed by Bonbon Trading

Compact living is a necessity if you are living in urban location. Residents of cities like Tokyo, London, and New York have learned to...
maximize apartment space infographic

How to Maximize Your Apartment Space

As a New York City resident, I've lived in a myriad of apartments. They were eclectic apartments: oddly designed or open and free. But...

Tokyo Starbucks Design by Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma is famous for his fascination with the most rudimentary of all building materials -- the Kapla-like wooden block. As such, he utilized...
cathedral of lights

Cathedral of Lights

The Luminarie De Cagna is a cathedral-like structure that was on display at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium, in January 2012. The...
unusual homes

5 Unusual Homes You Have To See Right Now

Now this is one way to think outside of the box.

American Standards Lamp by Peter Bristol

Designer Peter Bristol came up with the concept of the American Standards Lamp in 2010, in which he had discovered a creative way to...

Modern Scandinavian Home by Susanna Vento

Finnish stylist Susanna Vento makes use of a lot of fun patterns on her recent interior design project in Kokkola, Finland. Sussana certainly has...

Bespoke Textiles by Genevieve Bennett

Frequently featured designer Genevieve Bennet has recently launched a new line of bespoke textiles that consist of embossed and sculpted leather intended for geometric...
micheas architects m house

M-House by Micheas Architects

Mexico-based studio Micheas Architects designed this 3-tiered home, entitled "M-House", in Mexico City, Mexico. True to its surroundings, Micheas creates a space that allows the...
polish apartment by mode-lina

Cute Polish Apartment by mode:lina

Polish architecture firm mode:lina is the mastermind behind this cute Polish apartment located in Poznan. This firm was inspired to create a relaxing getaway...

Catchbowl by Torafu Architects

Japanese studio Torafu Architects have recently decided to create something for the little used corner of any wall: a lidded bowl made of Bent...



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