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Guys, the original iPhone came out in 2007. And the iPad? it’s already five years old! It seems like they’ve both been around forever, yet somehow, it also feels like they’re both still new.

Can you remember what life was like before smartphones and tablets? Can you imagine what it would be like to live in today’s world without them? Phones and tablets make life so easy for us. To make managing your gadgets even easier, check out these smart and simple diy phone accessories – tablets included.

Copper Pipe Tablet Holder via ABubblyLife

pho1Embrace the industrial look with this handy copper iPad stand. It’s perfect for reading recipes in the kitchen, or following along with tutorials while you’re crafting.

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Sewn Fabric Phone & Charger Holder via PositivelySplendid

pho1Keep your phone and charger out of the way with this great DIY. This fabric pocket stores your charger and your phone while it boots up.

Family Charging Station via DrivenByDecor

pho1Or maybe you live with a bunch of other people (i.e., you’re family). This recharge station is your electronic storage solution.

Custom Phone Cases via CraftyEndeavor

pho1Forget buying phone cases from the store. This tutorial shows you how to make your own custom case, giving you unlimited power. *Maniacal Laughter*

Tablet Holder via MamieJane’s

pho1So this tutorial is based off of a tablet holder from Pottery Barn, only it’s way less expensive. It’s also way cuter.

Phone Dock via ScarletWords

phoBring the outdoors in with this phone dock. Plus, when you make this you’ll be upcycling, which is green, which is good.

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iPad Holder for Car Headrest via InfarrantlyCreative

pho1If you have kids, you know the struggle of long car rides. This iPad holder is designed for the back of your car’s headrests. Make it before your next trip to Grandma’s, and you’ll be very happy.

Battery-Powered USB Charger via Instructables

pho1With power outages and camping, you don’t always have access to electrical outlets. This Battery Powered USB DIY is just a great thing to have on hand.

Washi Tape Phone Charger via TheChicSite

pho1Washi tape makes everything so cute. You should really use it to dress up your phone and/or tablet charger.

DIY iPad Case via LifeAnnStyle

pho1If you followed the DIY Phone Case Tutorial, you’re probably feeling unstoppable. Take a gander at this DIY Tablet case. That’ll make you feel better.

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What are some DIY phone accessories you would like to make?




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